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Saw Chain & Guide Bars

If you cut wood in a variety of environments, Oregon’s VersaCut saw chain and guide bars are for you. VersaCut has different saw chain types and an aluminum core guide bar that lets you cut wood – whether it’s clean, dirty, frozen, or green.

VersaCut Saw Chain

VersaCut is an ideal choice for professionals who work in a variety of conditions and is available in a range of pitches and gauges to fit 50-100 cc chainsaws. VersaCut is available in a range of pitches and gauges to fit on a variety of chainsaws.

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VersaCut Saw Chain
Chain Pitch Gauge Cutter Saws Guide Bar ANSI Status
91VXL 3/8" .050" Semi-Chisel Up to 42 cc Up to 18" Professsional
72DPX/APX 3/8" .050" Semi-Chisel 50-100 cc 16-36" Professsional
73DPX 3/8" .058" Semi-Chisel 50-100 cc 16-36" Professsional
75DPX 3/8" .063" Semi-Chisel 50-100 cc 16-36" Professsional
27X/AX .404" .063" Micro Chisel 65 cc & Larger 20" & Larger Professsional

Features & Specs


  • Designed for maximum performance in a variety of cutting applications
  • All chain types have low vibration for smoother cuts and less fatigue
  • 91VXL version has 33% longer top plates than standard chain


  • Blued cutters deliver high-quality protection against corrosion for all chain types
  • Replace: 3/8" and .404" chain is made with patented professional grade steel


  • Make smooth and precise cuts with all chain types
  • All versions are easy to maintain and easy to sharpen


  • Keeps saw chain oiled for less friction and a longer lifespan on all versions


  • 16 to 36“ (72-73-75DPX and 72APX), Up to 18“ (91VXL), 20“ and larger (27X and 27AX)
  • Recommended saw sizes: Up to 42 cc (91VXL), 50 to 100 cc (72-73-75DPX and 72APX),65 cc and larger (27X and 27AX)


  • 3/8” Low Profile™/.050/ Standard (91VXL), 3/8”/.050-.058-.063/Standard (72-73-75DPX), 3/8”/.050/Skip (72APX)
  • .404”/.063/Standard (27X), .404”/.063/Skip (27AX)
Oregon VersaCut Guide Bars

VersaCut Guide Bars

VersaCut guide bars are made for tree-cutting professionals who encounter all types of wood. Their aluminum core makes them strong, light-weight, and easier to maneuver. VersaCut guide bars are standard kerf, with a larger radius nose and feature a harder rail.

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Features & Specs


  • Stiffer and stronger bar delivers precision cutting
  • Better balance for when you need to use a smaller saw

Longer Lasting

  • Debris shield provides durability in challenging environments
  • New sprocket nose system promotes a longer nose life

Lighter Weight

  • New aluminum core is 20% lighter than the previous Pro-Lite guide bar
  • Lighter weight leads to reduced operator fatigue

Better Chain Retention

  • Precision rail groove design means better chain retention and less wear

LubriTec Lubrication System

  • Keeps your saw chain drive links and rivet joints oiled for less wear and longer life

Bar Lengths

  • 13-24“

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our goal is to help you get the job done right with outstanding products that perform to your full satisfaction. Oregon warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as it is owned by the original purchaser.
 ANSI Colored Labels

ANSI Colored Labels

Green labeled saw chain complies with low kickback performance requirements. Yellow labeled saw chain does not comply with low kickback performance requirements.
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