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An All-New System

SpeedCut Nano has been engineered from the ground up with maximum efficiency in mind. Built to optimize saw performance, SpeedCut Nano meets the demands of tree care professionals like no other system on the market.

SpeedCut Nano is the first ever .325 Low Profile cutting system. By sizing the chain to better match the specific power range of battery-powered and compact light-weight gas-powered saws, we’ve maximized the chain’s efficiency for improved performance.



SpeedCut Nano — Lead the Charge






Increased Speed

New patented-shape, Nano cutters are designed to maximize cutting speed, empowering compact saws to take on big projects. Oregon’s multi-axis factory grind creates a razor sharp edge, providing exceptional cutting performance right out of the box.


Longer Run Time

The unique design of SpeedCut Nano 80TXL increases saw cutting efficiency by as much as 15%*. So you can spend more time working, and less time recharging or refueling.


Smooth Cuts

With a clean entry, SpeedCut Nano pulls effortlessly through the cut – nearly eliminating cutting chatter. Oregon’s Micro-Chisel cutter stays sharp in tough conditions while providing a precision surface quality professionals expect.


Unstoppable Performance

Because SpeedCut Nano is been designed for the specific power range of today’s battery and compact gas saws, you won’t be left stalled in the cut.


Chain Type Chain Class

saw chain pitchsprocket




Warning 80TXL

Low Profile™










Bar Lengths: 10-16" (25-40 cm) 

harvester bar


Currently Unavailable 


*When compared to Oregon 90PX 3/8” Pitch Low-Profile Chain.



80TXL must be used together with the corresponding guide bar and sprocket and are not compatible with other existing cutting systems.

chain+  bar   + Sprocket





Warning Saw chain complies with low kickback performance requirements.

Warning Saw chain does not comply with low kickback performance requirements.