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Man in tree using chainsaw equipped with SpeedCut™ Saw Chain & Guide Bar
Man in tree using chainsaw equipped with SpeedCut™ Saw Chain & Guide Bar


Saw Chain & Guide Bar

When speed, efficiency, and a strong performing saw chain are mandatory to get the job done right, Oregon SpeedCut is the right cutting system for you. Engineered for optimal performance on small and mid-size saws.

SpeedCut Nano Cutting System

SpeedCut Nano Cutting System

80TXL Chain + SpeedCut Nano Guide Bar + Drive Sprocket


.325" Low Profile™ SpeedCut Nano 80TXL

.043" Gauge | For battery-powered and compact light-weight gas chainsaws up to 38 cc. | Guide Bar Length: Up to 16"

SpeedCut 95TXL

.325" SpeedCut 95TXL

.050" Gauge | For mid-size gas chainsaws up to 65 cc. | Guide Bar Length: Up to 20"

SpeedCut Nano .325

Put SpeedCut Nano to Work On Your Saw

Complete Chain, Bar, and Sprocket System

SpeedCut Nano has been engineered from the ground up with maximum efficiency in mind. Built to optimize saw performance, SpeedCut Nano is the first .325 Low Profile system and meets the demands of tree care professionals like no other on the market. Important Note: 80TXL must be used together with the corresponding guide bar and sprocket and is NOT compatible with other existing cutting systems.

SpeedCut Nano .325

SpeedCut Nano Saw Chain and Guide Bar

Lead the Charge

Increased Speed
  • New patented-shape, Nano cutters are designed to maximize cutting speed, empowering compact saws to take on big projects.
  • Oregon’s multi-axis factory grind creates a razor sharp edge, providing exceptional cutting performance right out of the box.
Longer Run Time
  • The unique design of SpeedCut Nano 80TXL increases saw cutting efficiency by as much as 15%. So you can spend more time working, and less time recharging or refueling.
Smooth Cuts
  • With a clean entry, SpeedCut Nano pulls effortlessly through the cut – nearly eliminating cutting chatter.
  • Oregon’s Micro-Chisel cutter stays sharp in tough conditions while providing a precision surface quality professionals expect.
Unstoppable Performance
  • Because SpeedCut Nano has been designed for the specific power range of today’s battery and compact gas saws, you won’t be left stalled in the cut.
LubriTec™ Lubrication System
  • Keeps your saw chain and guide bar oiled, for less friction and longer life
  • Pitch: .325 Low Profile, Gauge: .043, Sequence: Standard
  • Bar Lengths: 10–16”
  • Recommended Saw Sizes: Battery-powered and compact light-weight gas chainsaws (20-38 cc)

SpeedCut Nano 80TXL Chain & Bar

A Small Saw with Big Power

Hear what professional arborists have to say about the all new SpeedCut Nano cutting system.

.325" 95TXL SpeedCut

(Replaces 95VPX)

Work faster, sharper, easier, with a more efficient saw chain. Ideal for woodcutters who want top performance. Oregon® SpeedCut 95TXL narrow kerf cutting systems are more efficient, needing less power from the saw than standard cutting systems.

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Faster. Sharper. Easier.

Advanced Cutter Design
  • Get a faster, easier cut with a reshaped cutting surface and narrow kerf design
Precision Grind
  • Sharper, more durable cutting edge from a new precision grind and optimized cutting angle
Easy Field Maintenance
  • An easier to sharpen chain, with the cutting surface matched to the file. More indicators help you spot the recommended filing angles.
LubriTec™ Lubrication System
  • Keeps your saw chain and guide bar oiled, for less friction and longer life
  • Saw chain does not comply with low kickback performance requirements.
  • Bar Lengths: 13 – 20"
  • Recommended Saw Sizes: Up to 2.3-4.0 in (38-65 cc)

95TXL in Action

See how Oregon SpeedCut 95TXL stacks up against the competition in a head to head cutting competition.

SpeedCut Guide Bars

95TXL SpeedCut Guide Bars

SpeedCut guide bars pair with SpeedCut 95TXL chain to create the next-generation narrow kerf system on midsize chainsaws. Designed to deliver faster cutting and reduced weight compared to standard cutting systems. Important Note: Always use SpeedCut narrow kerf chain in combination with SpeedCut or other narrow kerf bars.

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SpeedCut Guide Bars

Lighter. Stronger. Durable.

  • Up to 20% lighter, for more control and less fatigue with a light-weight aluminum core
  • Stiffer and stronger with aerospace bonding technology
Longer Lasting
  • More durable on the job, from a redesigned nose with new parts and materials. Harder bar rails designed to last longer
Better Chain Retention
  • Precision rail groove design means better chain retention and less wear
LubriTec™ Lubrication System
  • Keeps your saw chain drive links and rivet joints oiled for less wear and longer life
Bar Lengths
  • 13–20"

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our goal is to help you get the job done right with outstanding products that perform to your full satisfaction. Oregon warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as it is owned by the original purchaser.

 ANSI Colored Labels

ANSI Colored Labels

Green labeled saw chain complies with low kickback performance requirements. Yellow labeled saw chain does not comply with low kickback performance requirements.