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Saw Chain Sharpening System

Never cut with a dull chain again. PowerSharp's bar mounted sharpener is light-weight and easy to use, saving you time and effort. With PowerSharp, you can sharpen your chain directly on the saw in seconds.

PowerSharp Saw Chain

PowerSharp allows you to quickly and easily sharpen chain while still on the saw, while other chain types require you to manually file and grind chain to maintain sharpness.

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PowerSharp Saw Chain
Chain Pitch Gauge Cutter Saws Guide Bar ANSI Status
91PS 3/8" Low Profile™ .050" PowerSharp Up to 42 cc Up to 18" Low kickback

Features & Specs


  • Sharpen on the saw in 3 seconds


  • Saw chain is made exclusively for the PowerSharp sharpening system

LubriTec Lubrication System

  • Keeps saw chain oiled for less friction and a longer lifespan

Pitch / Gauge / Sequence

  • 3/8" low profile / 0.050 / Standard


  • Up to 18"
  • Compatible with certain models of the following brands: Craftsman, Cub Cadet, Dolmar, Echo, Efco, Homelite, Husqvarna, John Deere, Jonsered, Makita, Olympyk (Oleo-Mac), Poulan/Poulan Pro, Power Pruner/Echo Power Pruner, Redmax

PowerSharp bar-mount and how it works

Attaching the PowerSharp bar-mount sharpener


The PowerSharp saw chain sharpening system is simple-to-use. When your saw chain dulls, simply attach the bar-mount sharpener to the included PowerSharp guide bar. Twin guide holes in the tip of the bar make perfect alignment foolproof.
Sharpening PowerSharp chain by holding it against a solid surface


Press the tip of the bar-mount sharpener to a solid surface for 3-5 seconds.
Cutting with PowerSharp


Resume your work; each cut will now be faster, with much less effort.
PowerSharp bar-mount sharpener and guide bar

PowerSharp bar-mount sharpener and guide bar

The PowerSharp bar-mount sharpener and guide bar are part of the PowerSharp sharpening system. Use only with PowerSharp saw chain and sharpening stone.

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Features & Specs


  • Bar-mount sharpener clamps easily to bar tip


  • Small, light-weight, and portable


  • The guide bar is slim and reversible


  • Smaller-radius nose reduces kickback

Bar Length

  • 14" to 18"
On-Saw PowerSharp Sharpening System

On-Saw PowerSharp Sharpening System

The CS300 is the only battery powered self-sharpening chain saw available today. With the built-in PowerSharp Sharpening System, there's no more downtime due to a dull chain. Simply pull the level for 3-5 seconds and the chain works like new. PowerSharp: sharpen on the saw, on the job, in seconds.

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Limited Lifetime Warranty

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Our goal is to help you get the job done right with outstanding products that perform to your full satisfaction. Oregon warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as it is owned by the original purchaser.
 ANSI Colored Labels

ANSI Colored Labels

Green labeled saw chain complies with low kickback performance requirements. Yellow labeled saw chain does not comply with low kickback performance requirements.
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