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Protective Gear
Protective Gear

Protective Gear

Your ability to be productive depends on staying safe. Protect yourself while adhering to safety rules and regulations with Oregon's protective gear and apparel.

Chainsaw chaps

Chainsaw Chaps

Most chainsaw injuries occur on the legs. Protect yourself with chainsaw chaps that are specifically designed to bind with the chain upon contact and stall the saw.
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Safety glasses

Safety Eyewear

Enjoy safety and comfort with Oregon eyewear. Specifically designed to be worn while you work, our glasses are ultra-light-weight and may feature anti-scratch coating and polycarbonate lenses.
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Yellow ear muffs

Hearing Protection

Preserve your hearing against noise at loud job sites with light-weight ear muffs.
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Oregon chainsaw helmet

Helmets and Hearing Protection

Protect your most valuable asset with our high-impact, scratch resistant, and breathable safety helmets and sound dampening ear muffs.
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Disposable Respirator Mask

Disposable Respirator Masks

Protect yourself from aerosols and other fumes on the job with disposable NIOSH-approved respirator masks.
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Chainsaw safety gloves

General Use and Chainsaw Gloves

Keep your hands safe while using chainsaws or other outdoor power equipment with our durable gloves.
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Orange Rubber Forestry Boots

Work Boots

We offer a full range of protective boots - from rubber with cotton lining to nubuck leather with steel-toe caps
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Rain Jacket

Rain Gear

Power through the day, rain or shine, with highly adaptable rain apparel designed for active work sites.
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