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40V HT250 Hedge Trimmer Maintenance


Can the blade on the HT275 be sharpened or replaced?

Yes, if the cutting blades dull, they can be file sharpened. If there is extensive damage, a replacement blade kit is available.

What is the proper blade maintenance for the HT275?

Before each use, inspect the cutting blades. Make sure the cutting blades are sharp, have no nicks or blunt edges, and do not hang up or catch when running the hedge trimmer. Periodically file away nicks and burrs on the blades to ensure they move freely. When cutting hedges with heavy sap or in dusty environments, buildup of sap and dirt can occasionally cause blades to stick. To prevent this blade stick condition, clean the blades with a light coating of liquid silicon lubricant only on the lubrication area of the cutting blades and run the blades briefly to evenly distribute the lubricant. Sharp and free-moving cutting blades cut more easily than dull or sticky ones.


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