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How long will the battery last when using the HT250 cordless hedge trimmer?

A 2.6 Ah Battery Pack will last for approximately 60 minutes of run time in the HT250 hedge trimmer. This performance may vary with user technique and the type of hedges being cut. A 4.0 Ah Battery Pack will last for up to 100 minutes of run time and the new 6.0 Ah Battery pack will bring 50% more run time compared with the 4.0 Ah Battery pack.

If I overload the HT250 hedge trimmer, will the battery or trimmer be damaged?

No, the trimmer is equipped with multiple protection features and will stop running before damage occurs.
HT250 Hedge Trimmer Maintenance

HT250 Hedge Trimmer Maintenance

Using the HT250 Hedge Trimmer

Using the HT250 Hedge Trimmer

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Disposing of Old Batteries

HT250 40V Hedge Trimmer Manual

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