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40V Battery Care and Maintenance

How to Charge Your 40V Battery

The c600 Battery Charger is compatible with any Oregon PowerNow 40V MAX lithium-ion battery. With thermal and over-voltage protection, the charger ensures safe and dependable charging.


Can I use my battery charger to charge other battery packs?

No. Oregon® Battery Chargers can only be used to charge Oregon Battery Packs.

Can I charge my battery pack on another charger?

No. Oregon Battery Packs can only be charged on Oregon Battery Chargers.

Can I charge my Oregon 40 volt Battery Packs using a 12V system with a DC to AC inverter?

Yes, but only use a DC to AC inverter that meets the following specifications:

Input Voltage Range 10.5 – 15 VDC
Minimum Output Power 260 watts
Surge Power >300 watts
AC Output Frequency 50-60 Hz
AC Output Voltage Range >90 <130 VAC
Output Waveform Pure/True Sine-Wave
Efficiency >80%
GFCI Output Preferred

Can I leave my battery on the charger?

Yes. Oregon Battery Packs can be left on the charger indefinitely.

How long does the battery take to charge?

Battery Pack C650 Battery Charger C750 Rapid Battery Charger
B400E 2.6 Ah 90 minutes 30 minutes
B600E 4.0 Ah 140 minutes 60 minutes
B650E 6.0 Ah 240 minutes 90 minutes

How many times can Oregon 40V batteries be recharged?

All Oregon 40 Volt Battery Packs are designed with premium lithium ion cell technology. Depending on battery pack use and care, Oregon Battery Packs will generally last between 500 and 1,000 full charge/discharge cycles.

Is it okay to leave the battery charger plugged in?

Yes. The battery charger has an integrated safety circuit that will monitor and remain idle when not charging. The battery charger can remain plugged in with or without the battery pack.


Can the Oregon Battery Pack be used in other Oregon tools?

Yes. All Oregon 40V MAX Battery Packs are compatible with all Oregon 40V MAX Tools, Batteries, and Chargers. NOTE: The BL300 Turbo Button will not work with the 1.25 Ah Battery.

What is the difference between the battery packs?

The difference between battery packs is run time. They all weigh the same (about 2.8 lbs.). The B600E 4.0 Ah Battery Pack offers 50% longer run time than the B425E 2.6 Ah Battery Pack. The B650E 6.0 Ah Battery Pack offers 50% longer run time than the B600E and 130% longer run time than the B425E.

What is the difference between lithium ion batteries and others?

Batteries with lithium ion chemistry have four advantages over other power tool batteries:
  • High power density – lithium ion battery cells have both high power and light weight
  • No fade – lithium ion batteries deliver constant power throughout the pack discharge
  • No memory effect – charge maintenance and full discharge are not necessary to retain consistent capacity throughout battery pack lifetime
  • PowerNow Lithium Ion Batteries stay charged for months when left off the charger

How should I store my battery?

It is best to store the battery in a cool, dry location. It is perfectly safe to leave the battery on the charger to ensure your battery is always 100% charged and ready for work.

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