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Pole Saw

Product Support & Maintenance

How Much Work Can I Do?

The chart below shows up to how many cuts the PS250 Cordless Pole Saw can make on 2-3" diameter limbs using a 40V Max lithium ion battery on a full charge.







How long does the battery last on the PS250 Pole Saw?

A 4.0 Ah Battery Pack will last up to 500 cuts per charge on 2-3 inches (5-7 centimeters) diameter limbs. This performance may vary with user technique, chain sharpness, size, and type of wood. A 2.6 Ah Battery Pack will make up to 325 cuts. Cuts per charge will drop significantly with increasing diameter wood. The new 6.0 Ah Battery pack will bring 50% more run time compared with the 4.0 Ah Battery pack.

What length does the pole saw extend to?

The pole saw extends from 7’3″ to 10’4″ (2.2 meters - 3.15 meters) in length allowing up to approximately 15 feet (4.57 meters) of access (based on a 5’10” individual operating at a 60 degree angle).

What types of chain can be used on the pole saw?

Micro-Lite ® Narrow-Kerf 3/8″ Low-Profile .043 gauge saw chain (Oregon R34, 90SG034G) is recommended for the PS250, but any 3/8" Low-Profile .043 gauge chain with 34 drive links can be used.

Can I put another size guide bar on the pole saw?

Other bars with an A041 tail mount will fit on the PS250, but it is not recommended and may void the product warranty.

Is the knob on the cover of the pole saw used for tightening the chain?

No, the side cover knob tightens the guide bar against the chassis of the pole saw. Chain stretches in normal use and will need to be periodically re-tensioned. Use a screwdriver on the tension adjustment screw, located inboard of the guide bar on the front face of the pole saw, to adjust chain tension as described in the operator’s manual.

If I overload the pole saw, will the battery or saw be damaged? 

No, the pole saw is equipped with multiple protection features and will stop running before damage occurs.

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