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How Log Splitters Work

Oregon Hydraulic Log Splitters 22-Ton & 28-Ton

The log splitters can easily be raised to vertical position and split almost any wood. They are equipped with Honda or Kohler engines. Oregon's 28-Ton log splitter is perfect for more heavy-duty use, while 22-Ton is perfect for residential.


What are log splitters?

A log splitter is a piece of machinery that is used to split large pieces of wood into smaller pieces of firewood. Log splitters can be used by homeowners as well as in commercial settings. 

How does a log splitter work?

The log splitter has a plunger that forces the wood into a moving or stationary splitting wedge. The plunger then continues to move the wood piece through the wedge, or the wedge through the wood, to separate the piece into two parts.

How do I use a log splitter?

First, load the wood into the log splitter between the splitting wedge and the base foot. Next, making sure your hands are removed from the wood, activate the splitter plunger or wedge to push the wood into the wedge, or wedge into the wood. Lastly, when the wood is separated into two parts, reverse the plunger or wedge and remove the wood pieces from the splitter.

What makes a log splitter fast?

The speed of the log splitter is proportional to the flow rate of the hydraulic fluid into and out of the hydraulic cylinder.

How to calculate log splitter tonnage.

The basic engineering formula for force from a hydraulic cylinder is F=P(A), where Force (F) in lbs. is equal to pressure (P) in lb./in2 multiplied by the area of the cylinder head (A) in in2. This renders a result in lbs., which then needs to be converted to US tons by the factor of 1 ton/2000 lbs. 


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