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Operating the LM400


How long does my battery last?

With the highest cutting positions and dry conditions, a 4.0 Ah Battery Pack will allow to cut up to 3500 ft². A 6.0 Ah Battery Pack will allow to cut up to 5000 ft² . The performance may vary with user technique and the type of grass being cut. You can double the cutting area if you decide to run the LM400 on two batteries.

How do I turn on the lawn mowers?

First, insert the safety key. The motor and blades of the machines can only be started when the safety key is inserted and to the ON position (with the LM400, you need to turn the key towards one battery location). Press and hold the safety button, and squeeze the switch lever towards the handlebar. When the unit starts, release the safety button. Maintain squeezing the switch lever during use.

Can the mower blade be sharpened or replaced?

Yes, if the cutting blades are dull, blades can be sharpened with a grinder. If there is extensive damage, an Oregon® replacement Blade Kit is available.

Can the LM400 work with only one battery?

Yes. The LM400 can operate with one or two batteries.

Can the cutting height be adjusted?

Yes. The LM400 is equipped with a central height adjustment system, offering six height settings. The settings are from 1” to 3”. To adjust the cutting height, position the lever to the desired height position.

Can I use the LM400 with all the Oregon Battery Packs?

Yes. The Lawnmowers will operate with all our Oregon Battery Packs:

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