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Replacing the trimmer head on the 40V ST275 String Trimmer/Edger


Does the trimmer head need to be removed or opened to replace the line?

It depends on which trimmer head your ST275 trimmer/edger is equipped with:

  • If the trimmer/edger is equipped with our standard, easy reload trimmer head (PN 564849), it's not necessary to disassemble the head in order to replenish the trimmer line.
  • If the trimmer/edger is equipped with an Oregon® Gator® SpeedLoad™ head (PN 581647), the disk of pre-wound, self-contained trimmer line is quickly replaced by disassembling the head—simply snap the top half of the head off, discard the spent trimmer line inside, insert a fresh disk of trimmer line, and snap the head back together. To learn more about Gator SpeedLoad, visit

Can other trimmer line be used on the ST275 trimmer/edger?

It is not recommended to use larger diameter or round trimmer line in the ST275 trimmer/edger. The trimmer/edger has been designed to utilize .080″ diameter (2.0 mm) twisted trimmer line for optimal performance and run time. Larger diameter line or round line will decrease performance and run time.


Can another trimmer heads be used on this trimmer?

Yes. Two heads are available:

  • The standard replacement trimmer head (Product Number 564849)
  • The new Gator SpeedLoad replacement head (Product Number 581647)

Using the 40V ST275 String Trimmer and Edger

Using the 40V ST275 String Trimmer and Edger

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ST275 String Trimmer/Edger Manual

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