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CS1500, CS1400 and CS1200 Corded Chainsaws

If you need a high-power, low-noise electric chainsaw to trim branches and limbs in your yard, then the CS1500, CS1400 and CS1200 corded chainsaws are an ideal choice. You’ll save time because these chainsaws start instantly and don’t require any gas-oil mixing. The CS1500 is equipped with the PowerSharp™ chain sharpening system that lets you sharpen on the saw in 3 seconds or less.

Which Chainsaw Is Right For Me?

CS1500 Chainsaw

CS1500 Chainsaw

The CS1500 chainsaw has all of the features of the CS1400, with the addition of our PowerSharp™ chain sharpening system that allows you to sharpen on the saw in 3 seconds or less.
CS1400 Chainsaw

CS1400 Chainsaw

The CS1400 chainsaw allows you to get to work instantly, without any need for gasoline. You can also tighten the saw chain without tools with the tensioning ring on the side cover.

CS1200 Chainsaw

The highly maneuverable 16" CS1200 chainsaw is virtually maintenance-free and features a convenient tool-free tensioning system to make chain adjustments fast and easy. 

Why Should You Choose an Oregon Corded Chainsaw?


  • You need plenty of power behind every cut. both CS1400 and CS1500 have 15 Amps of power while CS1200 has 12 Amps

Quieter and Efficient

  • Get to work without delay with the instant start capabilities of these electric chainsaws.
  • You won’t have to bother with pull cords or gas-oil mixing. These saws are silent between cuts and operate with low noise.

Tool-Less Tensioning

  • You don't need special tools to tension these saw's chains. Simply tighten the ring on the side cover to tighten the chain.


  • The CS1500 is the only corded-electric saw to feature the PowerSharp system - a built in chain sharpening system that allows you to sharpen chain on the saw in 3 seconds or less so you'll never cut with a dull chain again.

Watch the CS1500 In Action

Enjoy power, durability, and efficiency with the CS1500 Corded Chainsaw. Watch how you can sharpen on the saw in 3 seconds or less with the built-in PowerSharp™ chain sharpening system.  


Model CS1500 CS1400 CS1200
Power 15 amp / 120v 15 amp / 120v 12 amp
Pitch / Gauge 3/8" Low Profile™ / .050" gauge 3/8" Low Profile™ / .050" gauge 3/8" Low Profile™ / .050" gauge
No Load Chain Speed 2888 fpm / 48 fps 2880 fpm / 48 fps 2760 fpm / 46 tps
Chain Tensioning Tool-less chain tensioning system Tool-less chain tensioning system Tool-less chain tensioning system
Oil System Automatic oiler Automatic oiler Automatic oiler

Available Options


CS1500 Chainsaw


CS1400 Chainsaw


CS1200 Chainsaw
Bar Length 18" (45 cm) 16" (40 cm) 16" (40 cm)
Chain PowerSharp ControlCut Oregon 91PJ
Weight (with guide bar and saw chain attached) 13.2 lb. (6kg) 13.2 lb. (6kg) 10 lb. (4.5kg)
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Corded Chainsaw Tool Tip

Lubricating the bar and chain is very important to prevent premature wear and maintain optimal performance of your chainsaw. When you use the CS1500, CS1400 or CS1200 for the first time, you need to prime the oiler. Unplug the chainsaw and remove the bar and chain. Plug in the chainsaw and run it for about 2 to 3 minutes. You will see oil on the bar pad.

The CS1500, CS1400 and CS1200 Corded Chainsaws

Replacement Parts

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Protective Gear

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