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Model OR60RC-1
Available at limited Tractor Supply Co stores in North Dakota, South Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin
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Rotary Cutter video
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  • Power through tall grass, overgrown weeds, shrubs, and brush (up to 1" dia.) along roadsides with this 60" cutting width Rotary Cutter.
  • Heavy-duty stump jumper ramp lifts blades up and over rocks and roots, preventing blade damage
  • Smooth, sloped decks reduce debris and water build-up for care-free maintenance
  • High-strength steel construction
  • Corrosion-resistant powder coat finish
  • Built for tractors with 20-50 HP
  • 3-point category 1 connection or category 1 quick hitch compatible
  • Made in the U.S.A. with U.S. and imported parts
  • 3-Year Gearbox Warranty; 1-Year Cutter Warranty
Other notes: Cutting width (60") should be as wide or wider than the width of your tractor tires (measure outside tire to tire).
Product Manual
Bullet A Heavy duty tailwheel arm
Bullet B Smooth, sloped decks
Bullet C Front and rear shielding
Bullet D Slip clutch drive
Bullet E Stump jumper ramp
Bullet F Protected gearbox shaft
Bullet G High-strength steel construction
Bullet H Corrosion-resistant powder coat finish
Bullet I 3-point category 1 connection
Rotary Cutter anatomy

Frequently asked questions

Q: How do I determine the right Rotary Cutter for my needs?
A: Match your tractor's 3-point category, the PTO (power takeoff) horsepower, and the width of the tractor's tires to the Cutter with the same specs. Working width should be as wide or wider than the width of your tractor tires (measure outside tire to tire).

Q: Do my gearboxes come from the factory filled with oil?
A: No. Be sure to pick up SAE-80W-90 oil before leaving the store.

Q: What assembly is required?
A: The Rotary Cutter is shipped partially assembled to the retailer and will be fully assembled by the retailer. The owner should receive the Rotary Cutter completely assembled, lubricated, and adjusted for normal cutting conditions.

Q: At what height should I be cutting my grass/brush?
A: Run cutter 1/2" lower in the front than the back. Set the cut height high enough to avoid scalping the ground as this can damage drive components.
Q: How do I adjust my cut height?
A: Level cutter from side to side. Adjust, using tractor's 3-point arm leveling device: To raise rear of cutter, move tailwheel arm down; to raise front of cutter, raise tractor 3-point arms. Adjust top link to provide 1-2" of clearance between break link and rear lift arms. See operator's manual for complete instructions.

Q: What maintenance is required on my Rotary Cutter?
A: Some service and maintenance work must be done by a qualified dealership; special skills, tools, and safety procedures may be required. Consult your operator’s manual for details.

Q: Why do I have to adjust my driveline length?
A: If the distance is too large, the driveline will be too short for proper engagement. If the distance is too small, the driveline may bottom out in operation and damage the cutter or tractor.
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