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BL300 Blower General Use


When using the BL300 leaf blower, how long does the battery last?

A 4.0 Battery will last up to 90 minutes when using the BL300 on its lowest setting. It will last 15 minutes with the trigger pulled all the way to the high setting and 7 minutes with the Turbo Button pressed. The variable trigger on the BL300 allows the user to pick their desired power level and corresponding battery run time. The new 6.0 Ah Battery Pack will bring 50% more run time compared with the 4.0 Ah Battery pack.

How loud is my leaf blower?

The noise level for the BL300 leaf blower is below 65 dB(A) when tested to ANSI B175.2. This is below the sound requirements for most areas that have bans on handheld blower noise.

Can I use the B500S 1.25 Ah battery pack?

If you use the BL300 with a B500S 1.25 Ah Battery, the Turbo Button will not function. The blower will still operate with the variable trigger, but the Turbo Button will not activate the turbo mode. The tool is designed this way to protect the battery. The Turbo Button will function with all other Oregon® 40 Volt Battery Packs.


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