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Lawn Mower Belts and Clutches


When should I replace my lawn mower belt?

Replace your lawn mower belt if it shows signs of wear including fraying, shredding, glazing (shine and brittleness from melted rubber) or shredding.

How do I measure a lawn mower belt?

You can measure your lawn mower belt, in inches, with a cloth measuring tape – the kind you would use for sewing. All mower belts should be measured diagonally – from corner to corner.

How do I tighten a lawn mower belt?

There is no way to adjust mower belt tension. Tension is maintained by spring-loaded idler pulleys.

What is an electric PTO clutch?

An electric PTO clutch is a device attached to the motor that transfers power to the mowing deck.

How do I clean a PTO clutch?

You should clean your PTO clutch with compressed air as opposed to canned air, like the kind you use for your computer keyword, since it does not have enough force to properly remove debris. All service and repair facilities have an air compressor capable of blowing dust and debris from the PTO assembly.


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