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Product Description

This spindle assembly fits 38" and 42" decks with the newest style "X" housing and replaces MTD.

Product Details

  • Fits 38" and 42" decks with the newest style "X" housing (1998 and newer)
  • For star hole blades
  • Does not come with pulley
  • Use Oregon® 45-259 bearings, 85-048 spindle shaft, and 44-102 pulley (38" deck) or 44-369 pulley 42" deck)
  • Replaces MTD
  • WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Nickel, known to the State of California to cause cancer, and lead, known to the state of California to cause birth defects and reproductive harm. For more information go to
Volume 278.461 in³
Product UOM Each
Weight (with Packaging) 3.135 Lb

Model Fit Guide and Parts Cross Reference

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Fit Guide

136A694F401, 13A0619G205, 13A0619G206, 13A0663F352, 13A0673G131, 13A0698G722, 13A1660F000, 13A1674G401, 13A1686G190, 13A1696G190, 13A2682F190, 13A2683G790, 13A2693G190, 13A2695G062, 13A3660F205, 13A3662F196, 13A3665G000, 13A4660F131, 13A4662F129, 13A4667F118, 13A5450F019, 13A5450F131, 13A5453F033, 13A5453F733, 13A5470F196, 13A5472F190, 13A5660F205, 13A5660F206, 13A5660G009, 13A5660G709, 13A5661F192, 13A5665F147, 13A5670G019, 13A5670G301, 13A5673F190, 13A6660G131, 13A6660G352, 13A6672G129, 13A6673G118, 13A6675G147, 13A6693G013, 13A6693G131, 13A6695G118, 13A747GF062, 13A7660G352, 13A7660G752, 13A7688G300, 13A8673G009, 13A8679G013, 13A8679G196,
13A8693F190, 13A8693G009, 13A8693G131, 13AA472F190, 13AA662F190, 13AA672F190, 13AA673F190, 13AA683F190, 13AA692G190, 13AB652F729, 13AC450F009, 13AC450F382, 13AC650F000, 13AC650F700, 13AC650F765, 13AC662F129, 13AD616G190, 13AD668G705, 13AD674G401, 13AD678G034, 13AD678G300, 13AD683G713, 13AD685G000, 13AD685G700, 13AD686G190, 13AD688G300, 13AD688G722, 13AD695G000, 13AD695G700, 13AD696G190, 13AD698G205, 13AD698G300, 13AD698G722, 13AE450F022, 13AE450F722, 13AE451F000, 13AE451F033, 13AE451F301, 13AE451F700, 13AE470F023, 13AF660G131, 13AF660G352, 13AF673G000, 13AF675G062, 13AF678G205, 13AF685G700, 13AF688G722, 13AF693G118, 13AF693G131, 13AF695G700, 13AF698G131, 13AF698G300, 13AF698G722, 13AG675G033, 13AG675G196, 13AG675G733, 13AG678G022, 13AG678G722, 13AG683G163, 13AG695G000, 13AG695G205, 13AG695G206, 13AG695G700, 13AH450F022, 13AH450F302, 13AH450F722, 13AH451F088, 13AH451F205, 13AH451F301, 13AH451F352, 13AH451F788, 13AH471F062, 13AH650F352, 13AH650F752, 13AH660F000, 13AH660F009, 13AH660F016, 13AH660F022, 13AH660F033, 13AH660F088, 13AH660F098, 13AH660F120, 13AH660F301, 13AH660F352, 13AH660F372, 13AH660F382, 13AH661F000, 13AH661F196, 13AH661F352, 13AH661F700, 13AH662F019, 13AH662F098, 13AH665F020, 13AH667F196, 13AH670F062, 13AH672F016, 13AI698G088, 13AJ688G722, 13AJ690G752, 13AJ693G755, 13AJ698G300, 13AJ698G722, 13AK660G352, 13AK673G088, 13AK693G088, 13AL452F120, 13AL452F730, 13AL470F054, 13AL470F754, 13AL660F000, 13AL660F700, 13AL667F118, 13AL667F718, 13AL670F141, 13AL670G000, 13AL673G098, 13AL675F720, 13AL675G022, 13AL675G062, 13AL677F141, 13AM475F000, 13AM47GF062, 13AM660F000, 13AM660F062, 13AM660F131, 13AM660F205, 13AM660F352, 13AM660F700, 13AM660G000, 13AM660G302, 13AM660G353, 13AM660G700, 13AM660G752, 13AM662F163, 13AM662F765, 13AM662G016, 13AM662G765, 13AM663F352, 13AM665G301, 13AM667F352, 13AM670G088, 13AM670G205, 13AM670G206, 13AM670G372, 13AM672F730, 13AM672G016, 13AM672G019, 13AM672G026, 13AM672G088, 13AM672G120, 13AM672G352, 13AM672G730, 13AM672G788, 13AM673G019, 13AM673G022, 13AM673G033, 13AM673G054, 13AM673G098, 13AM673G722, 13AM673G733, 13AM673G754, 13AM675G000, 13AM675G009, 13AM675G023, 13AM675G062, 13AM675G098, 13AM675G120, 13AM675G147, 13AM675G151, 13AM675G205, 13AM675G206, 13AM675G372, 13AM675G382, 13AM675G705, 13AM675G709, 13AM678G022, 13AM679G192, 13AM67AG016, 13AM67AG019, 13AM680F731, 13AM682G731, 13AM683F190, 13AM685G000, 13AM690G206, 13AM690G352, 13AM693G026, 13AM693G054, 13AM693G754, 13AM695G205, 13AM695G372, 13AM698G054, 13AM69AG016, 13AN475F000, 13AN660G352, 13AN660G752, 13AN662G729, 13AN665G000, 13AN668G205, 13AN673G033, 13AN673G098, 13AN673G131, 13AN675G062, 13AN675G098, 13AN675G141, 13AN678G016, 13AN678G022, 13AN678G205, 13AN679G016, 13AN679G196, 13AN67AG016, 13AN682G129, 13AN682G729, 13AN682G731, 13AN683G163, 13AN688G034, 13AN690G352, 13AN693G019, 13AN693G022, 13AN693G098, 13AN693G118, 13AN694G016, 13AN695G000, 13AN695G009, 13AN695G062, 13AN695G088, 13AN695G098, 13AN695G205, 13AN695G206, 13AN695G301, 13AN695G372, 13AN695G382, 13AN697G352, 13AN698G016, 13AN698G022, 13AN698G033, 13AN698G098, 13AN698G131, 13AN698G205, 13AN699G016, 13AN699G062, 13AO665G302, 13AO670G088, 13AO670G788, 13AO673G022, 13AO673G131, 13AO675G062, 13AO675G141, 13AO675G382, 13AO683G163, 13AO695G062, 13AO695G088, 13AO695G205, 13AO698G022, 13AO699G062, 13AO69AG019, 13AP683G190, 13AP693F190, 13AP698G731, 13AQ665G013, 13AQ670G372, 13AQ673G120, 13AQ673G730, 13AQ695G118, 13AQ695G718, 13AQ698G131, 13AR616G190, 13AR698G022, 13AS670G088, 13AS673G009, 13AS673G131, 13AS675G062, 13AS675G141, 13AS679G062, 13AS695G088, 13AS695G098, 13AS695G118, 13AS695G372, 13AS695G718, 13AS698G033, 13AS698G088, 13AS698G205, 13AS699G088, 13AS699G788, 13AT674G401, 13AT694G401, 13AU678G131, 13AV694G401, 13AX614G401, 13AX674G401, 13AX675G062, 13AX693G206, 13AX694G401, 13BF660F352, 13BF675G062, 13BH660F000, 13BH660F009, 13BH660F016, 13BH660F022, 13BH660F033, 13BH660F098, 13BH660F120, 13BH670F062, 13BM660F000, 13BM660F131, 13BM672G088, 13BM675G009, 13BM675G205, 13BM698G205, 13BN660G352, 13BN673G033, 13BN682G129, 13BN695G205, 13BP673F190, 13BP693F190, 13BQ670G062, 13BR698G022, 13BX614G401, 13BX694G401, 13CF675G062, 13CH660F000, 13CH660F022, 13CP693F190, TMO-3102806, TMO-3103203, TMO-3104204, TMO-3204205

Replacement Guide


618-0138, 618-0138A, 618-0142, 618-0142A, 918-0138, 918-0138A, 918-0138C, 918-0142, 918-0142A, 918-0142C



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