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Silver Flywheel Key, Tecumseh Models

Part# 02-406

Specifications, Details & Support

Product Description

This silver flywheel key replaces Tecumseh 610995 and is for point ignitions on newer 3 and 3.5 HP engines with an external coil.

Product Details

  • Replaces Tecumseh 610995
  • Fits point ignition on newer 3 and 3.5 HP engines
  • Silver key
Volume 2.613 inĀ³
Product UOM Each
Weight (with Packaging) 0.005 Lb

Model Fit Guide and Parts Cross Reference

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Fit Guide

145189E-ECV100, 433 MODELS, ECV100-145000D, ECV100-145000E, ECV100-145058D, ECV100-145075D, ECV100-145085D, ECV100-145085E, ECV100-145146D, ECV100-145149D, ECV100-145155D, ECV100-145157D, ECV100-145160D, ECV100-145168D, ECV100-145168E, ECV100-145169D, ECV100-145169E, ECV100-145170D, ECV100-145170E, ECV100-145172D, ECV100-145172E, ECV100-145173D, ECV100-145173E, ECV100-145175D, ECV100-145186E, ECV100-145189E, ECV100-145193E, ECV120-152000A, ECV120-152000B, TNT100-10040C, TNT100-10040D, TNT100-10041C, TNT100-10041D, TNT100-10048C, TNT100-10048D, TNT100-10048E, TNT100-10049C, TNT100-10055C, TNT100-10056C, TNT100-10056D, TNT100-10056E, TNT100-10057C, TNT100-10057D, TNT100-10057E, TNT100-10058C, TNT100-10058D, TNT100-10058E, TNT100-10059C, TNT100-10060C, TNT100-10061C,
TNT100-10061D, TNT100-10061E, TNT100-10062C, TNT100-10063C, TNT100-10063D, TNT100-10064C, TNT100-10065C, TNT100-10065D, TNT100-10066C, TNT100-10066D, TNT100-10068C, TNT100-10068D, TNT100-10069C, TNT100-10069D, TNT100-10070C, TNT100-10070D, TNT100-10071C, TNT100-10071D, TNT100-10072C, TNT100-10072D, TNT100-10073C, TNT100-10074D, TNT100-10075D, TNT100-10076D, TNT100-10077D, TNT100-10079D, TNT120-12000C, TNT120-12000D, TNT120-12001C, TNT120-12001D, TNT120-12003C, TNT120-12003D, TNT120-12004C, TNT120-12004D, TNT120-12004E, TNT120-12005C, TNT120-12005D, TNT120-12006C, TNT120-12006D, TVS105-53000A, TVS105-53000B, TVS105-53000C, TVS105-53003A, TVS105-53003B, TVS105-53003C, TVS105-53004A, TVS105-53005A, TVS105-53007A, TVS105-53009A, TVS105-53010A, TVS105-53010B, TVS105-53010C

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