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Professional Bar-Mount Filing Guide

Part# 557849

This product is only available through retailers or servicing dealers.

Bar-mount filing guide for accurate and consistent sharpening results for saw chain filing.

Product Details

  • Easy to install on the saw bar with the chain in place
  • Consistent, accurate sharpening results
  • Comparable to a motorized grinder
  • Complete with instructions

Specifications, Details & Support

Product UOM Each
Weight (with Packaging) 1.35 Lb


Average Customer Rating


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  • 1.0

    Jonathan Stahl


    Oregon Professional filing guide

    I tried to use this so-called "Professional" filing guide the first & only time, to sharpen a 52" expensive rip chain. No two cutting teeth were the same. This item is TOTAL GARBAGE!! DO NOT BUY THIS ITEM - YOU WILL BE VERY DISAPPOINTED. It appears to be made of metal in the clear plastic case, but many of the critical parts are plastic, & is impossible to use. I tried to return it to Sierra Saw, but they said since I had used it, I could not return it. IT IS JUNK. I am extremely disappointed in this Chinese trash. Multiply my 1 star rating by -10 please. Shame on you OREGON

  • 4.5

    Doug K.


    Great Tool!

    I bought this with hesitation, but I can't hand file to save my life. Assembly was quite easy, and with a few turns of the thumb screws, it was attached to the bar and ready to go. I sharpened one chain, and wanting to test it out, I ran it in a piece of ash. I was very happy how the chain was happy that I sharpened my other two chains. My son and I helped out a friend with some storm damage cleanup, and used this sharpener a lot. We all thought that it did an excellent job! Pros - - Easy to set up - Easy to use, and get very good results. - Very Portable Cons - - The gauges are hard to read with older eyes, being that they are the same color as the sharpener - Not as sturdy as I would like...but still a very good tool. - Hard to keep it properly positioned on the bar. - Wish they would have used wing nuts on the screws, as opposed to thumb screws. But overall, it's a very good tool and will serve it's owner well.

  • 0.5

    Cy Dygitt


    Bar-mount filing guide for saw chain filing

    I have been using a much older Oregon bar-mounted filing guide for saw chain filing for at least 40 years now, and figured it was time to buy a newer one. Huge mistake! The older one was made in Italy and still works 1,000 times better than this new one (#557849) which most likely was cheaply made in China. I will be returning it now, since after trying to use it, I pulled the older one out to do the job today! TERRIBLE!

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