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Premium Snow Thrower Wheel drive belt, 3/8" X 36"

Part# 15-052

Specifications, Details & Support

Product Description

This type 1 premium snow thrower wheel drive belt fits Storm models 2410, 2620, 2840, 3090 and 3090XP (2009-2011). It replaces the 954-04093 model.

Product Details

  • 3/8" x 36"
  • Type 1
  • Replaces the 954-04093 model
Volume 0.921 dmĀ³
Product UOM Each
Weight (with Packaging) 0.135 Lb
Product Length 36"
Product Width 3/8"

Model Fit Guide and Parts Cross Reference

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Fit Guide

10528PC 31AH55K4897, 11530PC 31AH55K5897, 247.88395, 247.883951, 247.88396, 247.883961, 247.88791, 247.8883, 247.888301, 247.98538, 247.98539, 31A-62BD700, 31A-63BD700, 31AH54K3897, 31AH54K3897 90026PC, 31AH54K6897, 31AH54SG793, 31AH54TG799, 31AH55K4897, 31AH55K4897 10528PC, 31AH55K5897, 31AH55K5897 11530PC, 31AH55K7897, 31AH55LH704, 31AH55TH793, 31AH55TH799, 31AH57K8897, 31AH57K9897, 31AH64EG700, 31AH64EG795, 31AH64FG700, 31AH64FG731, 31AH64FG795, 31AH64K3897, 31AH65FH700, 31AH65FH783, 31AH65FH795, 31AH65LG701, 31AH65LG704, 31AM53K2897, 31AM53K2897 71024PC, 31AM62EE700, 31AM62EE706, 31AM62EE731, 31AM62EE752, 31AM62FE752, 31AM62KE701, 31AM63EF700, 31AM63EF706, 31AM63EF729,
31AM63FE752, 31AM63FF706, 31AM63FF752, 31AM63K2897, 31AM63KE701, 31AM63KE704, 31AM63LF701, 31AS62EE700, 31AS62EE706, 31AS62EE731, 31AS63EE700, 31AS63EE701, 31AS63EE706, 31AS63EF700, 31AS63EF729, 31BH54TG799, 31BH55TH799, 31BM62KE704, 31BM63LF704, 31CM62KE704, 60026PC 31AH64K3897, 71024PC 31AM53K2897, 90026PC 31AH54K3897, CA324 31AH54K6897, CA326 31AH55K7897, CA328 31AH57K8897, CA330 31AH57K9897, MP28 31AH64FG795, MP30 31AH65FH795, RM3060 31AH65FH783

31AH54SG793, 31AH55TH793, 31AH55TH799, 31BH54TG799, 31BH55TH799

31AH54P4766, 31AH54Q6711, 31AH55P5766, 31AH55Q5, 31AH55Q5711, 31AH55Q5766, 31AH55Q8711, 31AH55R5711, 31AH57R9711, 31AH64Q4, 31AH64Q4711, 31AH64Q4766, 31AM62N2, 31AM62N2711, 31AM62N2766, 31AM63P2766, 31AS62N2, 31AS62N2711, 31AS62N2766, 31AS63N2711, 31AS63N2766, 31BM63P3, 31BM63P3711, 31BM63P3766

Replacement Guide

754-04201, 954-04201, 954-04201A

754-04201, 954-04201, 954-04201A


754-04201, 754-04201A, 954-04201, 954-04201A


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