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Premium Belt, Traction Drive, 3/8" X 33-3/4"

Part# 15-133

Specifications, Details & Support

Product Description

This type 1 premium traction drive deck fits many self-propelled mower (2011-2013) models and replaces MTD 954-04259A, 754-04259 and 754-04259A.

Product Details

  • 3/8" x 33-3/4"
  • Type 1
  • Replaces MTD 954-04259A, 754-04259 and 754-04259A
Volume 0.789 dmĀ³
Product UOM Each
Weight (with Packaging) 0.13 Lb
Product Length 33-3/4"
Product Width 3/8"

Model Fit Guide and Parts Cross Reference

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Fit Guide

12A-A02J700, 12A-A03M700, 12A-A03Z758, 12A-A04A000, 12A-A04Z758, 12A-A06M078, 12A-A06N778, 12A-A0A9778, 12A-A0BE700, 12A-A0BG778, 12A-A13J029, 12A-A13K229, 12A-A13K729, 12A-A14O029, 12A-A14X229, 12A-A1BA729, 12A-A1JC006, 12A-A1JY701, 12A-A1M9001, 12A-A23P799, 12A-A2BR799, 12A-A2K7231, 12A-A2M7031, 12A-B22N701, 12A-B25U778, 12A-B29Q701, 12A-B29Q731, 12A-B2A3778, 12A-B2AQ701, 12A-B2AQ794, 12A-B2BV778, 12AEB2JA001, 12AEB2JZ001, 12AEB2JZ701, 247.3744, 247.37440.1

12A-A23P799, 12A-A2BR799

Replacement Guide

754-04259, 754-04259A, 954-04259, 954-04259A

754-04259, 754-04259A, 954-04259, 954-04259A



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