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Oregon Platinum Gatorline Supertwist Trimmer Line, 0.155 in. by 100 ft. Bulk Donut, Fits Remington RM1159 and Many Others 20-108

Part# 20-108


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Platinum Gatorline Trimmer line is great for professionals because it is better at resisting breakage than standard trimmer line. Plus, it offers outstanding durability and shock absorbency thanks to its highly flexible core. This trimmer line is low noise, which means it produces fewer decibels of noise when it spins, helping you comply with local noise ordinances. .155" diameter trimmer line is an ideal fit for many string trimmer models, including but not limited to Remington RM1159. Platinum Gatorline is compatible with most trimmer head systems including fixed-line, semi and automatic bump-feed heads. Fits most gas, electric and battery-powered straight and curved shaft string trimmers. Check your string trimmer manual for recommendations and to ensure that larger lines will work with your trimmer. The twisted shape reduces noise while improving cutting efficiency, so you don't need to put in as much work to get a clean cut as you would with traditionally shaped trimmer line.

Product Details

  • Impact resistant – Many other lines break upon contact with hard objects, but Platinum Gatorline has a thin outer shell combined with a thick flexible core which absorbs the shock so you can keep cutting instead of wasting time winding spools
  • Great for extreme environments - - Its thin, hard skin stands up to high temperatures and extreme cutting conditions
  • .155" diameter trimmer line is ideal for professionals cutting tough vegetation and underbrush. Check your user manual for maximum diameter fit-up
  • Twisted trimmer line – Produces fewer decibels and less drag than other shapes for less noise while trimming. The twist shape also delivers a straight cut, making it perfect for trimming around flower beds
  • Fits several string trimmer models including, but not limited to Remington RM1159

Specifications, Details & Support

Trimmer Line
Gauge 0.155"
Length 100'
Packaging Configuration 1lb Donut
Volume 1460.6 in³
Product UOM Each
Weight (with Packaging) 1.07 Lb


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