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Offset Flywheel Key, Tecumseh Models

Part# 02-403

Specifications, Details & Support

Product Description

This offset flywheel key replaces Tecumseh 611004, and models TVX, TNT, EVC, H30-70, AH600, HSK600, HXL840, SHK840, SHK845, SHK850 as well as engines with solid state ignitions.

Product Details

  • Offset key
  • Replaces Tecumseh 611004
  • Fits engines with solid state ignitions
Volume 1.908 inĀ³
Product UOM Each
Weight (with Packaging) 0.009 Lb

Model Fit Guide and Parts Cross Reference

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Fit Guide

3482 MODELS, AH600-1631A, AV520-653-07, AV520-653-08, ECV100-145000F, ECV100-145131D, ECV100-145131F, ECV100-145137D, ECV100-145137E, ECV100-145137F, ECV100-145139D, ECV100-145139E, ECV100-145139F, ECV100-145147D, ECV100-145147E, ECV100-145148D, ECV100-145148E, ECV100-145148F, ECV100-145151D, ECV100-145152D, ECV100-145156D, ECV100-145158D, ECV100-145159D, ECV100-145161D, ECV100-145163D, ECV100-145163E, ECV100-145164D, ECV100-145164E, ECV100-145166D, ECV100-145166E, ECV100-145171D, ECV100-145171E, ECV100-145174D, ECV100-145174E, ECV100-145174F, ECV100-145176D, ECV100-145176E, ECV100-145177D, ECV100-145177E, ECV100-145178D, ECV100-145178E, ECV100-145179D, ECV100-145179E, ECV100-145180D, ECV100-145180E, ECV100-145181D, ECV100-145181E, ECV100-145182D, ECV100-145182E, ECV100-145183D,
ECV100-145183E, ECV100-145184E, ECV100-145185E, ECV100-145187E, ECV100-145188E, ECV100-145190E, ECV100-145191E, ECV100-145192E, ECV100-145194E, ECV100-145195E, ECV100-145196E, ECV100-145197E, ECV100-145199E, ECV100-145200E, ECV100-145200F, ECV100-145201E, ECV100-145202E, ECV100-145202F, ECV100-145203E, ECV100-145204E, ECV100-145205E, ECV100-145205F, ECV100-145207F, ECV100-145208F, ECV100-145210F, ECV100-145211F, ECV100-145213F, ECV100-145214F, ECV100-145215F, ECV100-145216F, ECV100-145217F, ECV100-145218F, ECV100-145219F, ECV100-145220F, ECV100-145221F, ECV100-145222F, ECV100-145223F, ECV100-145224F, ECV100-145225F, ECV100-145226F, ECV100-145227F, ECV100-145228F, ECV100-145229F, ECV100-145230F, ECV100-145232F, ECV100-145233F, ECV100-145234F, ECV100-145235F, ECV100-145243F, ECV100-145244F, ECV100-145245F

Replacement Guide



611004, 740007B


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