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In-Line Fuel Filter - Kohler

Part# 07-332

Specifications, Details & Support

Product Description

This 51 micron in-line fuel filter for 1/4" and 5/16" fuel lines replaces Kohler. Oregon replacement parts are built to meet or exceed OEM standards.

Product Details

  • In-line fuel filter
  • For 1/4" and 5/16" fuel lines
  • Outer diameter: 1-1/2", Length: 4-1/2"
  • 51 Micron
  • Replaces Kohler
Volume 23.896 inĀ³
Product UOM Each
Weight (with Packaging) 0.07 Lb
Product Length 4-1/2

Model Fit Guide and Parts Cross Reference

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Fit Guide

GT1500, LT1000, SLT1500

294 MODELS, 932 MODELS, CH11-16101, CH11-16102, CH11-16103, CH11-16104, CH11-16105, CH11-16107, CH11-16118, CH11-16119, CH11-16121, CH11-16124, CH11-16127, CH11-16132, CH11-16133, CH11-16134, CH11-16135, CH11-16137, CH11-16140, CH11-16141, CH11-16142, CH11-16143, CH12.5-1935, CH12.5-1941, CH13-22501, CH13-22502, CH13-22503, CH13-22504, CH13-22505, CH13-22507, CH13-22509, CH13-22510, CH13-22511, CH13-22513, CH13-22516, CH13-22517, CH13-22518, CH13-22519, CH13-22520, CH13-22522, CH13-22523, CH13-22524, CH13-22526, CH13-22528, CH13-22529, CH13-22530, CH13-22531, CH13-22533, CH13-22534, CH13-22535,
CH13-22536, CH13-22537, CH13-22538, CH13-22540, CH13-22544, CH13-22545, CH14-1828, CH14-1835, CH14-1836, CH14-1839, CH14-1842, CH15-44501, CH15-44502, CH15-44503, CH15-44504, CH15-44505, CH15-44507, CH15-44508, CH15-44509, CH15-44511, CH15-44512, CH15-44513, CH15-44514, CH15-44515, CH15-44516, CH15-44517, CH15-44518, CH15-44519, CH15-44520, CH15-44521, CH15-44523, CH15-44525, CH15-44527, CH15-44528, CH15-44529, CH15-44530, CH15-44531, CH15-44532, CH15-44533, CH15-44535, CH15-44536, CH15-44537, CH15-44538, CH15-44539, CH15-44540, CH15-44541, CH15-44542, CH15-44543, CH15-44545, CH15-44546, CH15-44547, CH15-44549, CH18-62502, CH18-62509, CH18-62510, CH18-62511, CH18-62512, CH18-62513, CH18-62514, CH18-62515, CH18-62516, CH18-62517, CH18-62519, CH18-62520, CH18-62522, CH18-62523, CH18-62524, CH18-62526, CH18-62527, CH18-62529, CH18-62530, CH18-62532, CH18-62534, CH18-62535, CH18-62536, CH18-62538, CH18-62539, CH18-62540, CH18-62541, CH18-62542, CH18-62543, CH18-62545, CH18-62547, CH18-62549, CH18-62550, CH18-62551, CH18-62559, CH18-62560, CH18-62565, CH18-62566, CH18-62568, CH18-62569, CH18-62584, CH18-62602, CH20-64509, CH20-64511, CH20-64512, CH20-64513, CH20-64514, CH20-64515, CH20-64516, CH20-64517, CH20-64518, CH20-64519, CH20-64520, CH20-64521, CH20-64522, CH20-64523, CH20-64524, CH20-64525, CH20-64526, CH20-64528, CH20-64529, CH20-64530, CH20-64532, CH20-64536, CH20-64538, CH20-64539, CH20-64540, CH20-64541, CH20-64542, CH20-64543, CH20-64544, CH20-64545, CH20-64547, CH20-64549, CH20-64550, CH20-64551, CH20-64560, CH20-64564, CH20-64565, CH20-64566, CH20-64572, CH20-64579, CH20-64603, CH20-64628, CH20-64639, CH20-64648, CH20-64664, CH20-64668, CH20-64670, CH20-64672, CH20-64684, CH20-64755, CH20-64756, CH20-64758, CH22-66509, CH22-66510, CH22-66513, CH22-66514, CH22-66515, CH22-66516, CH22-66517, CH640-3131, CV22-75511, CV23-75522, CV23-75524, CV25-69501, CV25-69510, CV25-69512, CV25-69515, CV25-69516, CV25-69517, CV25-69518, CV25-69523, CV25-69524, CV25-69532, CV25-69534, CV25-69536, CV25-69547, CV25-69548, CV25-69549, CV25-69553, CV25-69557, CV680-3051, CV740-0002, M18-24515, M18-24532, M18-24540, M18-24545, M18-24550, M18-24561, M18-24575, M18-24581, M18-24583, M18-24585, M18-24595, M18-24600, M18-24615, M18-24620, M18-24626, M18-24632, M18-24639, M18-24644, M18-24648, M18-24649, M18-24657, M18-24666, M18-24687, M18-24695, M20-49517, M20-49525, M20-49539, M20-49550, M20-49573, M20-49591, M20-49600, M20-49603, M20-49622, M20-49632, M20-49634, MV18-58543, MV18-58548, MV20-57520, SV470-0003, SV470-0007, SV470-0008

Replacement Guide

25 050 03, 25 050 03-S, 25 050 03-S1, 25 050 08-S, 25 050 08-S1, 25 050 10-S, 25 050 22-S, 25 050 22-S1, 25 050 22S, 25-050-22S, 2505022S, 2505022S1




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