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In-Line Fuel Filter, Kawasaki

Part# 07-062

Specifications, Details & Support

Product Description

This in-line fuel filter is for 1/4" fuel lines and replaces Kawasaki. Oregon replacement parts are built to meet or exceed OEM standards.

Product Details

  • In-line fuel filter
  • For 1/4" fuel line
  • Replaces Kawasaki
Volume 17.221 inĀ³
Product UOM Each
Weight (with Packaging) 0.055 Lb

Model Fit Guide and Parts Cross Reference

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Fit Guide

170 MODELS, FD501D-AS02, FD501D-AS03, FD501D-BS00, FD501D-BS03, FD501D-CS00, FD501D-DS00, FD501D-ES00, FD501D-FS00, FD501D-GS00, FD501V-AS02, FD501V-AS03, FD501V-BS02, FD501V-BS03, FD501V-CS02, FD590V-AS06, FD590V-AS07, FD590V-AS09, FD590V-BS06, FD590V-BS09, FD590V-CS06, FD590V-CS09, FD590V-DS09, FD611V-AS00, FD611V-BS00, FD611V-CS00, FD611V-DS00, FD620D-AS13, FD620D-AS15, FD620D-AS17, FD620D-AS18, FD620D-AS19, FD620D-AS20, FD620D-AS21, FD620D-AS23, FD620D-BS13, FD620D-BS15, FD620D-BS17, FD620D-BS18, FD620D-BS19, FD620D-BS20, FD620D-BS21, FD620D-BS23, FD620D-CS13, FD620D-CS17, FD620D-CS18, FD620D-CS20, FD620D-CS21, FD620D-DS13, FD620D-DS17,
FD620D-DS18, FD620D-DS19, FD620D-DS20, FD620D-ES13, FD620D-ES17, FD620D-ES18, FD620D-ES19, FD620D-FS13, FD620D-FS17, FD620D-FS18, FD620D-FS19, FD620D-GS13, FD620D-GS18, FD661D-AS00, FD661D-AS02, FD661D-AS03, FD661D-AS05, FD661D-AS07, FD661D-BS00, FD661D-BS02, FD661D-BS03, FD661D-BS05, FD661D-CS00, FD661D-CS02, FD661D-CS03, FD661D-DS02, FD661D-DS03, FD661D-ES02, FD671D-AS00, FD671D-AS01, FD671D-AS03, FD671D-AS04, FD671D-BS00, FD671D-CS00, FD671D-DS00, FD671D-ES00, FD671D-FS00, FD671D-GS00, FD711D-AS00, FD711D-AS01, FD711D-BS00, FD711D-CS00, FD711D-CS01, FD711D-DS01, FD711D-ES01, FD750D-AS00, FD750D-AS01, FD750D-AS02, FD750D-AS03, FD750D-AS04, FD750D-AS05

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