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In-Line Fuel Filter, 30 Micron

Part# 07-064


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Fuel Filters
Size 30 micron

Specifications, Details & Support

Product Description

This in-line fuel filter for 1/4" fuel line is 30 micron and replaces Briggs and Stratton. Oregon replacement parts are built to meet or exceed OEM standards.

Product Details

  • In-line fuel filter
  • For 1/4" line
  • Outer diameter: 1-1/8", length: 3-1/2"
  • 30 Micron
  • Replaces Briggs 695666
Volume 54.964 inĀ³
Product UOM Each
Weight (with Packaging) 0.04 Lb
Product Length 3-1/2

Model Fit Guide and Parts Cross Reference

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Fit Guide

1977 MODELS, 28AH77-0112-E1, 28BH77-0115-E1, 28CH77-0036-E1, 28CH77-0112-E1, 31E707-0111-E1, 31E707-0129-B1, 31E707-0129-E1, 31E777-0114-E1, 31E777-0115-B1, 31E777-0115-E1, 31E777-0115-G1, 31E777-0117-B1, 31E777-0118-B1, 31E777-0120-B1, 31E777-0126-E1, 31E777-0130-B1, 31E777-0130-E1, 31E777-0131-B1, 31E777-0132-B1, 31E777-0134-B1, 31E777-0136-B1, 31E777-0136-G1, 31E777-0137-B1, 31E777-0137-G1, 31E777-0140-B1, 31E777-0141-B1, 31E777-0142-B1, 31E777-0143-G5, 31E777-0144-B1, 31E777-0378-E1, 31E777-0443-E1, 31E777-0719-B1, 31E777-0813-B1, 31E777-0813-E1, 31E777-1439-B1, 31E777-1500-G1, 31E777-1500-G5, 31E777-1501-B1, 31E777-1628-G5, 31E777-2439-B1, 31E777-3136-G1, 31E777-3136-G5, 31E777-4500-G5, 31E877-1502-G1, 31E877-1502-G5, 31E877-1630-G5, 31E877-4502-G5, 31G707-0026-B1, 31G707-0026-E1,
31G707-0026-G1, 31G707-0140-B1, 31G707-0175-B1, 31G707-3026-G5, 31G777-0036-B1, 31G777-0036-E1, 31G777-0036-G1, 31G777-0112-B1, 31G777-0112-E1, 31G777-0113-E1, 31G777-0114-E1, 31G777-0115-E1, 31G777-0116-E1, 31G777-0119-E1, 31G777-0120-B1, 31G777-0120-E1, 31G777-0121-B1, 31G777-0121-E1, 31G777-0123-E1, 31G777-0125-B1, 31G777-0125-E1, 31G777-0126-B1, 31G777-0126-E1, 31G777-0127-B1, 31G777-0127-E1, 31G777-0128-B1, 31G777-0128-E1, 31G777-0130-B1, 31G777-0130-E1, 31G777-0131-B1, 31G777-0131-E1, 31G777-0132-B1, 31G777-0132-E1, 31G777-0133-B1, 31G777-0133-E1, 31G777-0134-B1, 31G777-0135-B1, 31G777-0136-B1, 31G777-0138-B1, 31G777-0139-B1, 31G777-0142-B1, 31G777-0143-B1, 31G777-0144-B1, 31G777-0146-B1, 31G777-0147-B1, 31G777-0148-B1, 31G777-0149-B1, 31G777-0150-B1, 31G777-0151-E1, 31G777-0153-B1, 31G777-0154-B1

GT1500, LT1000, SLT1500

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