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Hair Pin, Snow Thrower, MTD Models

Part# 02-901

Specifications, Details & Support

Product Description

This hair pin is for newer style snow throwers and should be used with an Oregon® 80-749 shear pin. Oregon replacement parts are built to meet or exceed OEM standards.

Product Details

  • Hair pin
  • For newer style snow throwers
  • Use with Oregon® 80-749 shear pin
  • Replaces MTD
Volume 7.958 in³
Product UOM Each
Weight (with Packaging) 0.004 Lb

Model Fit Guide and Parts Cross Reference

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Fit Guide

10528GC 31AH9774897, 10528PC 31AH55K4897, 11530GC 31AH9775897, 11530PC 31AH55K5897, 12533GC 31AH9776897, 13A1762F020, 13A1762F065, 13A1762F265, 13A226JD000, 13A226JD099, 13A226JD897, 13A276LF031, 13A2775S000, 13A277SS099, 13A277SS299, 13A277XS099, 13A277XS299, 13A2785S001, 13A278XS099, 13A278XS299, 13A326JC058, 13A326JC700, 13AA925P004, 13AC26JD058, 13AC26JD897, 13AC762F000, 13AC762F020, 13AC762F065, 13AC762F200, 13AC76GF897, 13AC76LF031, 13AC76LF055, 13AC76LF058, 13AD775S059, 13AD78XS099, 13AJ771S004, 13AJ771S031, 13AJ771S231, 13AJ775S000, 13AJ775S059, 13AJ77SS099, 13AJ78SS099, 13AJ795S004, 13AJ795S059, 13AL771T004, 13AL78SS099, 13AL78SS299, 13AL78ST099, 13AL78ST299, 13AL78XT099,
13AL78XT299, 13AL795S004, 13AL795T004, 13AL795T057, 13AL795T058, 13AL79SS099, 13AM772S000, 13AM772S055, 13AM772S058, 13AM775S000, 13AM775S058, 13AM775S200, 13AM77LS058, 31AH55K4897 10528PC, 31AH55K489710528PC, 31AH55K5897 11530PC, 31AH9774897 10528GC, 31AH9775897 11530GC, 31AH977589711530GC, 31AH9776897 12533GC, 775 models, C76GF, CR30 13A226JD897, CR30 13AC26JD897, LT2000 13AJ77SS099, LT2000 13AL78SS099, LT2000 13AL78SS299, LT2000 13AL79SS099, M125-38, M12538, M155-42, M15542, M1642, M200-46, RER1000

Replacement Guide

714-04040, 914-04040, 914-04040A


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