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Flywheel Key, Tecumseh Models

Part# 02-405

Specifications, Details & Support

Product Description

This flywheel key replaces Tecumseh 611154, and is used on vectors series engines. Oregon replacement parts are built to meet or exceed OEM standards.

Product Details

  • Replaces Tecumseh 611154
  • Fits vector series engines
Volume 2.45 inĀ³
Product UOM Each
Weight (with Packaging) 0.004 Lb

Model Fit Guide and Parts Cross Reference

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Fit Guide

348 MODELS, ULT50-500031B, ULT50-500031D, ULT50-500032B, ULT50-500032C, ULT50-500032D, ULT50-500033B, ULT50-500033C, ULT50-500033D, ULT55-501050A, ULT55-501051A, ULT55-501051B, ULT55-501051C, ULT55-501052A, ULT55-501052B, ULT55-501052C, ULT55-501053A, ULT60-502049C, ULT60-502050C, ULT60-502053C, ULT60-502053D, ULT60-502054C, VLV126-500036F, VLV126-500036G, VLV126-500037F, VLV126-500038G, VLV126-501012E, VLV126-501061E, VLV126-501061F, VLV126-502005E, VLV126-502016E, VLV126-502016F, VLV126-502019E, VLV126-502019F, VLV126-502030E, VLV126-502030F, VLV126-502031E, VLV126-502031F, VLV126-502032E, VLV126-502037F, VLV126-502039E, VLV126-502040F, VLV126-502041F, VLV126-502042E, VLV126-502043E, VLV126-502043F, VLV126-502044F, VLV126-502045E, VLV126-502045F, VLV126-502046E,
VLV126-502052E, VLV126-502052F, VLV126-502056E, VLV126-502056F, VLV126-502058E, VLV126-502058F, VLV126-502060E, VLV126-502060F, VLV126-502069E, VLV126-502070E, VLV126-502071E, VLV126-502072E, VLV126-502073E, VLV126-502078E, VLV126-502078F, VLV126-502080E, VLV126-502081E, VLV126-502082E, VLV126-502083E, VLV126-502083F, VLV126-502084E, VLV126-502085E, VLV126-502085F, VLV126-502086E, VLV126-502086F, VLV126-502088E, VLV126-502088F, VLV126-502089E, VLV126-502090F, VLV126-502091F, VLV126-502092F, VLV126-502520D, VLV126-502522D, VLV126-502522E, VLV126-502523D, VLV126-502523E, VLV126-502524D, VLV126-502525D, VLV126-502526D, VLV126-502527D, VLV126-502527E, VLV126-502528D, VLV126-502529D, VLV126-502530D, VLV126-502530E, VLV126-502531D, VLV126-502532E, VLV126-502533E, VLV126-502534E, VLV40-400004A, VLV50-500001

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