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Flywheel Key, Tecumseh Models

Part# 02-404

Specifications, Details & Support

Product Description

This flywheel key works with point ignitions on older 3 and 5 HP engines. Replaces: Tecumseh 610691 and 27247, John Deere 26H10
Volume 2.243 inĀ³
Product UOM Each
Weight (with Packaging) 0.03 Lb

Model Fit Guide and Parts Cross Reference

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Fit Guide

1500-1583, 1500-1583-A, 1500-1583-B, 1500-1584, 1500-1584-A, 1500-1585, 1500-1585-A, 1500-1585-B, 1500-1586, 1500-1586-A, 1500-1586-B, 1500-1586-C, 1500-1587, 1500-1587-A, 1500-1587-B, 1500-1587-C, 1500-1588, 1500-1588-A, 1500-1588-B, 1500-1589, 1500-1589-A, 1500-1589-B, 1500-1589-C, 1500-1590, 1500-1590-A, 1500-1591, 1500-1591-A, 1500-1592, 1500-1592-A, 1500-1593, 1500-1593-A, 1500-1594, 1500-1594-A, 1500-1596, 1500-1596-A, 1500-1597, 1500-1598, 1500-1599, 1500-1599-A, 1583-A-1500, 1583-B-1500, 1584-A-1500, 1585-A-1500, 1585-B-1500, 1586-A-1500, 1586-B-1500, 1586-C-1500, 1587-A-1500, 1587-B-1500, 1587-C-1500,
1588-A-1500, 1588-B-1500, 1589-A-1500, 1589-B-1500, 1589-C-1500, 1590-A-1500, 1591-A-1500, 1592-A-1500, 1593-A-1500, 1594-A-1500, 1596-A-1500, 1599-A-1500, 4457 MODELS, A-1500-1583, A-1500-1584, A-1500-1585, A-1500-1586, A-1500-1587, A-1500-1588, A-1500-1589, A-1500-1590, A-1500-1591, A-1500-1592, A-1500-1593, A-1500-1594, A-1500-1596, A-1500-1599, AV520-670-01H, AV520-670-01I, AV520-670-04F, AV520-670-04G, AV520-670-05F, AV520-670-08F, AV520-670-08G, AV520-670-08H, AV520-670-100, AV520-670-101, AV520-670-102, AV520-670-102A, AV520-670-102B, AV520-670-102C, AV520-670-103, AV520-670-103A, AV520-670-104, AV520-670-104A, AV520-670-104B, AV520-670-105, AV520-670-106, AV520-670-107, AV520-670-107A, AV520-670-107B, AV520-670-107C, AV520-670-108, AV520-670-108A, AV520-670-108B, AV520-670-109, AV520-670-110, AV520-670-110A, AV520-670-111, AV520-670-112, AV520-670-113, AV520-670-114, AV520-670-25E, AV520-670-25F, AV520-670-25G, AV520-670-25H, AV520-670-36C, AV520-670-36D, AV520-670-36E, AV520-670-37E, AV520-670-37F, AV520-670-37G, AV520-670-51E, AV520-670-51F, AV520-670-51G, AV520-670-56D, AV520-670-62C, AV520-670-70D, AV520-670-70E, AV520-670-70F, AV520-670-70G, AV520-670-72E, AV520-670-76D, AV520-670-76E, AV520-670-80B, AV520-670-80C, AV520-670-80D, AV520-670-81B, B-1500-1583, B-1500-1585, B-1500-1586, B-1500-1587, B-1500-1588, B-1500-1589, C-1500-1586, C-1500-1587, C-1500-1589

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27247, 610961


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