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Belt, Premium, Mower Deck Drive, 5/8" X 199"

Part# 15-117

Specifications, Details & Support

Product Description

This premium deck drive belt fits some Lazer Z-E 60" and Next Lazer Z 60" and replaces Exmark. This Premium OregonĀ® Industrial Replacement Belt will reliably power your mower throughout the season to keep your yard looking clean and polished.

Product Details

  • Premium deck drive belt
  • 5/8" x 199"
  • Fits some Lazer Z-E 60" and Next Lazer Z 60"
  • Replaces Exmark 109-8073
Volume 0.085 hl
Product UOM Each
Weight (with Packaging) 2.12 Lb
Product Length 199"
Product Width 5/8"

Model Fit Guide and Parts Cross Reference

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Fit Guide

LZ23KA526, LZ23KC486, LZ23KC526, LZ27KC526, LZ27KC606, LZ29KA606, LZ34KA606, LZ34KA726, LZAS20BV484, LZAS20KC484, LZAS22KA484, LZAS22KA484CA, LZAS23KC524, LZAS25BV484, LZAS25KC604, LZAS26LKA604, LZAS27KC524, LZAS27KC524CA, LZAS27KC604, LZAS27KC604CA, LZAS29KA604LP, LZAS29KA724, LZAS29KA724LP, LZE730EKC604, LZE730GKA604A3, LZE730KA604, LZE730KA604SS, LZE740EKC604, LZE740EKC60400, LZE740KC604, LZE740KCE604L, LZE742GKC60400, LZE742KC604, LZE751GKA604A1, LZE751GKA604C1, LZS25EKC604, LZS25KC604, LZS27KC604, LZS27KC604CA, LZS27KC604SS, LZS29PKA604, LZS29PKA606, LZS730EKC604, LZS740KC604, LZS740KC604CA, LZS740PKA604, LZS740PKC604, LZS740PKC60400, LZS742CKC60400, LZS742KC604,
LZS749AKC604A1, LZS749EKC604, LZS749EKC604A1, LZS749EKC604SS, LZS801GKA604A1, LZS801KA604, LZS801KA604SS, LZS801PKA604, LZX27KC606, LZX27KC606CA, LZX29EKC606, LZX29EKC606CA, LZX29EKC606SS, LZX29KA606, LZX29KA606SS, LZX34KC606, LZX34KC606SS, LZX38KC606, LZX38KC606CA, LZX38KC606SS, LZX740KC606, LZX740KC606CA, LZX749EKC606, LZX801CKA606C1, LZX801GKA60600, LZX801KA606, LZX801KA606SS, LZX921GKA60600, LZX921KA606, LZX940AKC606T0, LZX940EKC606, LZX940EKC60600, LZX940EKC606T0, LZX940KC606, LZX980KC606, LZZ23KC486, LZZ23KC526, LZZ24KA526, LZZ24KA526CA, LZZ26KC606, LZZ27KC526, LZZ27KC526CA, LZZ27KC606, LZZ27KC606CA, LZZ29KA606, LZZ29KA606LP, LZZ29KCE606, LZZ34KA606, LZZ34KA726, LZZ34KC606, LZZ34KC726, LZZ38KC606, LZZ38KC726

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