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Bar Mount Filing Guide

Part# 23820

This product is only available through retailers or servicing dealers.

Bar-mount filing guide to assist with filing for better consistency and accuracy.

Product Details

  • Easy way to manually sharpen a chainsaw accurately
  • Locks-in filing angles and depth setting to ensure consistently correct filing
  • Built-in instructions
  • Filing chart on the back of the package helps to file chain properly.

Specifications, Details & Support

Product UOM EA
Weight (with Packaging) 1.09 Lb


Average Customer Rating


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  • 1.0



    Poor Execution

    I purchased this clamp on guide hoping to get better precision in sharpening. But the so called "instructions" are abysmal. No text, just pictures without reference. TERRIBLE. Do not buy this guide!

  • 1.0

    Tim Welch


    23820 Chain sharpener


  • 1.0

    Peter H


    Poor instruction manual, cheaply made

    I've always thought Oregon products were the best made. I've always stuck with Oregon bars and chains. I believed that I would have better accuracy in sharpening with this guide than by manually eyeing it. The instructions are USELESS. Pictures don't get it. There needs to be written instructions with the pictures to make sense. The jig itself should be made of all metal as plastic flexes too much. I could never get the jig to line up correctly on the chain/bar. VERY DISAPPOINTED. I'm returning this item to the store.

  • 5.0



    a simple man

    easy,works good we all need patience learning is more forgiving then taking and use less force

  • 1.0

    Alan Macfarlane


    bar mounted filing guide PN 23820

    Plastic flexes significantly and files sold for for raker guage do not fit ( as shown in filing guide used guide). "A" for design but fails miserably for quality and execution. No stars

  • 1.0



    Quality is not there.

    Great design (Not Oregon's) but poor build quality. Parts of guide started showing wear before I finished the first chain even though I lubricated them and used minimal pressure. This will sharpen a chain, but not precisely or consistently, which is the point of it. Save your pennies and get the "other brand" with all metal/alloy parts if your looking for quality. Returned it as soon as I could.

  • 1.0



    TOO much plastic

    which lets this product flex too much so its not an accurate guide and the instructions are terrible, i would give this product a pass. I did find a sharpener at a Garage sale which looks exactly like this guide, it was made by Oregon (in Italy) but it was made entirely of metal and it works great SO you can do better Oregon

  • 1.0

    George Belshaw



    I have used a File Guide for many years & found it produced an excellent edge. I decided to try a bar mounted guide to see if it gave a more accurate finish, but I found the instructions totally incomprehensible & the poorly item made filing an decent edge difficult. Avoid

  • 0.5

    Jeff Martin


    Jeff Martin 10/15/18

    I agree with all that Phil stated. This can not be used to sharpen a chain. Will not stay in place and adjustments do not hold. The one that I had 30 years ago worked great.

  • 1.0

    Phil C


    Don't buy this.

    This is a piece of junk. I have one I purchased with the same design 20 years ago and it was a little wobbly so I figured this one would get me through some land clearing. No way. Oregon has replaced metal with plastic and done some other things to make the filing, any filing, a real chore. Look for the the Granberg one, it's all metal. The design is good, but the actual item is shoddy. I'm only giving it one star so this will show up on the web page.

  • 1.0

    Richard Holt


    Bar Mounted File Guide

    This is a good piece of equipment. The short coming is the manual or guide is woefully lacking. If you have never used this tool before the manual on the website is not of any use. It gives excellent pictures but the explanation of what your looking at is just not there. Consumers are not loggers they just want to sharpen their chainsaw. A more complete instruction please and it would give deserve a five star rating.

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