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PowerCut 70-Series EXL Saw Chain — Reputations are built with every cut.



NEW 72, 73, 75 EXL
NEW 72, 73, 75 EXJ


With a reshaped cutter and multi-axis grind technology for superior performance, sharpness and consistency, PowerCut EXL/EXJ saw chain is now the top option for professional woodcutters who use 3/8" pitch saws (replaces 72, 73, 75LGX and JPX). This low-vibration, full chisel cutter chain is engineered to utilize the power of today’s professional saws and reduce the force applied by the operator. Designed to maximize every cut, our proprietary cutter technology gives users a sharper, more durable cutting edge that provides increased cutting performance with less effort.


Features and Benefits  

  • LubriTec™ keeps your saw chain and guide bar oiled, for less friction and longer life
  • Blued cutters deliver high-quality protection against corrosion
  • Expanded top-plate filing Indicators and depth gauge Filing Indicators area make accurate sharpening easier
  • Gold loop start indicator makes sharpening easier with start and stop identification
  • Our exclusive OCS-01 Steel delivers greater durability


Chain Type Chain Class

saw chain pitch



Warning 72 EXL 3/8" .050" Standard
Warning 73 EXL 3/8" .058" Standard
Warning 75 EXL 3/8" .063" Standard
Warning 72 EXJ 3/8" .050" Skip
Warning 73 EXJ 3/8" .058" Skip
Warning 75 EXJ 3/8" .063" Skip


Recommended Saw Sizes: 50–100 cc

Bar Lengths: 16–36" (40–90 cm) cc   

harvester bar






Oregon saw chain and guide bars are matched within families so you may easily select the right product for your job. However, saw chain and guide bars (with the same pitch and gauge) are interchangeable across product families to allow for many customizable pairings to best suit your needs.



Warning Saw chain complies with low kickback performance requirements.

Warning Saw chain does not comply with low kickback performance requirements.