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Single Rivet Guide Bar

Ideal for occasional property maintenance and general chainsaw applications.

  • Slim symmetrical contour is light-weight, easy to maneuver, and is reversible for longer life.
  • Small-radius nose helps reduce kickback.
  • Models are available with the Intenz tensioning mechanism built into the bar itself.
  • Bar mount holes to mount the PowerSharp® bar mount sharpener are available on some models.


Additional Features 

PowerSharp Compatible  PowerSharp® compatible

Intenz  Intenz®

Guard Mate compatible  Guard Mate® compatible

Guard Mate® holes are built into the noses of certain types of Oregon guide bars and allow the attachment of a Guard Mate tip guard to help reduce the risk of kickback.


Recommended Saw Sizes: Electric or gas up to 2.5 cu. in (41 cc)

Bar Length: 8" -18" (20 - 46 cm)




Oregon saw chain and guide bars are matched within families so you may easily select the right product for your job. However, saw chain and guide bars (with the same pitch and gauge) are interchangeable across product families to allow for many customizable pairings to best suit your needs.