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120V Battery Platform

Designed specifically for professional landscaping crews, the 120V Professional Series platform was created with a full work day in mind. You won’t sacrifice power or run time – the high capacity, 9 amp-hour BX975 provides 972Wh of energy, while the 6 amp-hour BX650 provides 648 watt-hours of energy. This is what real power feels like.

Why Choose the Oregon 120V Professional Series Batteries Platform?

Long, commercial grade run times

  • Premium lithium-ion technology provides consistent performance for your outdoor power equipment.
  • The high capacity, 9 amp-hour BX975 provides 972Wh of energy.
  • The light weight, 6 amp-hour BX650 provides 648 watt-hours of energy.

Two Powerful Battery Options

  • The BX975 delivers 972 watt-hours.
  • The BX650 delivers 648 watt-hours.

Smart Technology

  • An integrated dashboard keeps you aware of the battery charge levels at all times.
  • Dashboard allows for the ability to check battery duty-life.
  • Customized tool-to-battery communication ensures proper functionality.

Weather-Ready and Durable

  • The BX975 and BX650 batteries and tools carry an ingress protection rating of IP56, protecting against dust and strong jets of water.

Comfortable and Ergonomic

  • Ergonomically friendly backpack system
  • Soft shell back pack with shoulder, waist and chest straps for the ultimate comfort

Watch How Our 120V Batteries Outperform Gasoline

You’ll never lack power with the 120V Professional Series Battery Platform. We engineered these power tool batteries for durability and longevity so your crew will have the run-time for a full day’s work. The 120V battery platform is compatible with all 120V tools and engineered to withstand a full day's work.

Power in Numbers

Plug-in and get to work with up to 972 watt-hours of power and IP56 ingress protection rating.

120V Batteries

120V Batteries

The 120V Professional Series Battery Platform delivers unprecedented battery power and commercial-grade run times. MSRP: BX975 $859, BX650 $639

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120V Batteries

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