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Guide Bars

We understand that the needs of woodcutters are as diverse as the terrains and environments in which they work. We’ve organized our guide bars into product families with similar characteristics to help you find the right guide bars for your work.

Man holding chainsaw with SpeedCut Guide Bar


For woodcutters who cut high volumes of wood. Narrow kerf, light-weight, and ideal for professionals who need mid-sized bars for saws under 55cc.
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Designed for landowners and tree-cutting professionals who require versatility without sacrificing strength. Switch easily from pruning to felling without changing saws.
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Ideal for woodcutting professionals who make precise and smooth cuts during their work day. This guide bar’s lighter weight reduces operator fatigue.
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Man using chainsaw with PowerCut Guide Bar


For loggers and skilled forest workers who require heavy-duty guide bars. The tough chrome-moly steel body powerfully cuts through timber quickly and efficiently.
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Man carrying chainsaw with DuraCut Guide Bar


Designed specifically for woodcutting professionals who work in challenging and punishing environments. The ultra high-wear resistant stellite nose and chrome-moly body gives you the power to cut through any challenging terrain.
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Man cutting log using a chainsaw that has an AdvanceCut Guide Bar installed


Perfect for homeowners or landscapers who need a reliable guide bar that is light-weight and maneuverable. The bar is also designed to reduce kickback.
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Woman sawing a tree limb with a Single Rivet Guide Bar

Single Rivet

Designed for homeowners who need a light-duty bar for limbing and pruning. The bar offers users greater control, reduced kickback, and it is reversible.
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Man carving a pig using a chainsaw with a Sculptor Guide Bar


Essential for chainsaw sculptors who need a light-weight bar for hours of intricate carving. The durable bar is made of high-quality, brushed steel for a distinctive appearance.
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Man holding Oregon PowerCut Guide Bar

Guide Bar Maintenance

A step-by-step guide to maintaining your bar.
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Oregon Part Finder Icon

Part Finder

Find a full selection of guide bars specifically made to fit your chainsaw.
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Oregon FAQ Icon


Find the answers to frequently asked questions about guide bars – including how to know what size guide bar you have and how to clean your guide bar
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Oregon Warranty Icon

Limited-Lifetime Warranty

Our goal is to help you get the job done right with outstanding products that perform to your full satisfactions. Oregon warrants its products to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as it is owned by the original purchaser.
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