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120VX Hedge Trimmer Assembly

120VX Hedge Trimmer Assembly

How do I adjust the blade angle on the hedge trimmer?

The EHT120VX-NA Hedge Trimmer allows the user to adjust the angle of the articulating blades, to find the proper angle for the specific application.
  1. Pull back the adjustment pin located on the gearbox, use the lever to adjust the pivoting joint to the desired hole, release the pin and ensure it engages completely in the hole.
  2. To make the task easier, you can turn the pin 90 degrees and rest the ring to hold the pin. Simply lift and return to original angle for the pin to slide back into position. Always make sure the tool is turned off and the battery unplugged when making adjustments. See Original Instruction Manual for more use and safety information.
How do I run the battery cable out of the backpack for the EHT 120VX-NA Hedge Trimmer?

To route the battery-to-tool cable out of the backpack:
  1. Insert the black plug end of the cable through the battery-cable port in the bottom back of the backpack.
  2. Route the interior cable up the inside of the pack and secure with the hook-and-loop fabric closure.
  3. Use the right side port hook and loop if you are right handed or use the left side port and hook and loop if you are left handed.
  4. On the exterior of the pack, route the cable through the hook-and-loop closure flap along the hip belt.
  5. The red plug end fits into the tool plug receptacle and can be secured on the backpack’s red magnetic cradle when not in use.

Do I need to remove the black tube that comes in the powerhead?

The black plastic tube that connects the boxed powerhead to the control handle should be removed before assembly. It is only to maintain spacing and protect the powerhead and control handle during shipping and transport.
EHT120VX Hedge Trimmer Maintenance

EHT120VX Hedge Trimmer Maintenance

120VX Hedge Trimmer General Use

120VX Hedge Trimmer General Use

120V Battery Care and Maintenance

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120VX Hedge Trimmer Manual

120VX Hedge Trimmer Manual

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