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Using the 120V Edger


Can I remove the guard on the 120VX Cordless Edger?

Yes, but the guard should only be removed for maintenance or replacement. You should never operate the edger, or any other tool, without all provided guards properly in place. 

How do I adjust the edging depth wheel on the 120VX Cordless Edger?

The EG120VX-NA allows the user to adjust the wheel height, thereby affecting the edging depth of the blade. Always ensure the tool is turned off and the battery unplugged when making adjustments. See Instruction Manual for more use and safety information. Loosen the wingnut, adjust the wheel to the preferred height, and re-tighten the wingnut.

How do I change the 120VX Cordless Edger?

To change a new edger blade, place the edger so that the blade faces upwards and follow these steps:
  1. Insert the blocking pin, found in the combination tool provided, as far as possible into the bore; push lightly and rotate back and forth a little together with the capture washer until the shaft is blocked.
  2. Fit the 16mm socket wrench integrated into the combination tool onto the capture bolt head and turn bolt clockwise (note, left handed thread) then remove.
  3. Remove the capture washer and old blade.
  4. Position the blade on the drive hub.
  5. Fit the capture washer on the shaft and block the shaft.


120V Edger: General Use

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions for the many uses of the 120V Cordless Edger.

120V Edger: Assembly

Learn how to properly assemble the 120V Cordless Edger and battery backpack.

120VX Edger Maintenance

120V Edger: Maintenance

Get maintenance tips on how to properly grease the 120V tool gear box and more.

120V Edger Manual

120V Edger Manual

We want to make sure you can get your job done right. Check out the Operator's Manual for the 120V Edger.


Request a Demo

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