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Replacing the Trimmer Line Head on the 120V String Trimmer


Can I replace the 120VX string trimmer head with another head?

Yes, you may replace the 120VX string trimmer head with any head that has compatible hardware. Using a head other than Oregon Lightning Load may increase noise and decrease tool run times.

Can I remove the guard on the 120VX string trimmer?

The guard is removable, but should only be removed for maintenance or replacement. You should never operate the 120VX string trimmer, or any other tool, without all provided guards properly in place.

How do I replace the 120VX string trimmer line?

It is not necessary to disassemble the head in order to replace the line. Use only Oregon 0.095 Magnum Supertwist line or generic 0.095 mm round nylon line. Pull any remaining trimmer line through an eyelet of the trimmer head. Cut a length of new trimmer line about 25 ft (7.6 m) long. Turn the knob so the arrows on the surface of the head point to the eyelets on the trimmer head. Insert trimmer line through an eyelet in the side of the trimmer head until the trailing end of the trimmer line exits through the other eyelet in the trimmer head. Pull the leading end of the trimer line until the leading end and the trailing end are about the same length. Turn the knob counter-clockwise to wind the trimmer line. Pull both ends of the trimmer line to tighten the line inside the trimmer head. Turn the knob counter-clockwise to wind the line until about 5-6 in (13-15 cm) of line protrudes from each eyelet.


Can I run larger trimmer line like .105" and higher in the 120VX string trimmer?

Refer to the Oregon Lightning Load 55-990 trimmer head manual for trimmer line options. Using line other than Oregon 0.095 Magnum Supertwist may increase noise and decrease tool run times.

How do I install the 120VX string trimmer head?

Place the 120VX string trimmer so that the threaded shaft coming out of the gear box faces upwards. Be sure that the thrust plate is in place on the gear box over the spline on the threaded shaft. Insert the blocking pin into the shaft block hole in the gear box, so that the pin stops the threaded shaft rotation. Note: the shaft block hole has a rubber stopper designed to hold the blocking pin in place while mounting or removing the trimmer head. With the blocking pin in place and one hand holding the gear box, rotate the trimmer head counter-clockwise (note: it is a left handed thread) with other hand to tighten FIRMLY until you can no longer rotate the head. Remove the blocking pin from the gear box.


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120V String Trimmer Manual

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