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Fast • Easy • Precise


PowerSharp is for occasional saw chain users who spend too much time using hand files to sharpen dull chain, or they lose an afternoon taking it to a dealer for professional sharpening. Fumbling an inexact sharpening is a thing of the past with PowerSharp.

PowerSharp takes saw chain from dull to sharp in as little as three seconds. PowerSharp is also ideal for professional users who want greater productivity on the job. Professionals get precise and knife-sharp edges quickly and easily – every time.



PowerSharp Saw Chain



91 PS


Now you can sharpen fast, easy, and on the saw with the PowerSharp system. PowerSharp 91PS features top-sharpening cutters with depth gauge tie straps and guidance drive links for low-kickback performance, good chip flow, and smooth cutting action.

Sharpen the 91PS chain in a flash. Go from dull to sharp in just three seconds with this easy-to-use, precision sharpening system. Stays sharp three times longer than 91PX saw chain.


Features and Benefits

  •  LubriTec™ keeps your saw chain and guide bar oiled, for less friction and longer life


Chain Type Chain Class

saw chain pitch



Warning 91 PS

Low Profile™




Recommended Saw Sizes: Up to 42 cc

Bar Lengths: Up to 18" (45cm)

harvester bar



Warning Saw chain complies with low kickback performance requirements.




PowerSharp Saw Chain System



On-Board PowerSharp for CS300 and CS1500

With the built-in PowerSharp Sharpening System, there‘s no more downtime due to dull chain. Simply pull the PowerSharp lever for 3 – 5 seconds and the chain works like new. 



Get PowerSharp for your Saw

An easy-to-use, precision sharpening system that gives chainsaw users the power to sharpen their chain in a matter of seconds with a simple attachment. Includes the 91PS PowerSharp saw chain; a guide bar designed for PowerSharp; and the PowerSharp bar-mount sharpener. Sharpen the 91PS chain in a flash. 



How the PowerSharp Saw Chain System Works