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Mower Blade, 12-1/8"

Part# 91-802

This product is only available through retailers or servicing dealers.

Blade Width
Blade Length
Outer Hole Diameter
Center Hole Size
3/4" X 5/8"
Air Lift

Specifications, Details & Support

Product Description

The Oregon® 91-802 lawn mower blade is created to provide consistency and longevity, while delivering a cleaner cut and quality results.

Product Details

  • Center hole: height: 5/8", width: 3/4"
  • Requires 3 blades for 36" cut
  • Straight cutting edge
  • Superior mulching for bagging and discharge efficiency
  • Enhanced hardening to keep the blade sharper and more durable
  • Replaces major brand: Toro and Sutech
Color Black
Volume 23.175 in³
Product UOM Each
Weight (with Packaging) 1.21 Lb
Product Height 0.203
Product Length 12-1/8"
Product Width 2

Model Fit Guide and Parts Cross Reference

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Fit Guide

05-36MR01, 05-36MR03, 05-36MR04, 05-36MS01, 05-37SC01, 05-37SC02, 05-42MR01, 05-42MR02, 05-42MR03, 05-42MR04, 05-42MS01, 05-42MS02, 05-42MS03, 05-42MS04, 05-42MS05, 05-48MS01, 05-48MS02, 05-48MS03, 05-48MS04, 05-48MS05, 05-48SC01, 05-48SY01, 05-48XS01, 05-48XS02, 05-60SC01, 1-100776, 15-42RC01, 15-42SC01, 15-42SC02, 15-48SC01, 15-48SC02, 5-0600, 5-0601, 5-0620, 5-0622, 5-0710, 5-0711, 5-0720, 5-0721, 5-0722, 5-1010, 5-1012, 5-1210, 5-1220, 5-1221, 5/1/7365 12/00/00 AM, 5/1/7366 12/00/00 AM, 62-08BP01, 62-10BP01, 65-26M201,
65-36MR02, 65-36MR03, 65-36MS01, 65-36XR01, 65-36XS02, 65-36XS03, 65-42MS01, 65-42MS02, 65-48MS01, 65-48MS02, 65-48XS01, 65-48XS02, 75-36MR01, 75-36MR02, 75-36MS02, 75-36XR02, 75-36XS01, 75-36XS02, 75-42MS01, 75-42MS02, 75-48MS01, 75-48MS02, 75-48XS01, 75-48XS02, 78345, 78360, 78365, 78368, 85-36MR01, 85-36MS01, 85-36XR01, 85-36XS01, 85-42MR01, 85-42MS01, 85-42XR01, 85-48MS01, 85-48XS01, 85-60XS01, 95-36MR01, 95-36MS01, 95-36XR00, 95-36XS00, 95-42MR02, 95-42MS01, 95-42XR01, 95-48MS01, 95-48XS01, 95-60XS01, Commando 800, Plus

Replacement Guide

2107/09, 2107/10, 2107/11

100776, 100777, 101335, 101776

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