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Hydraulic Log Splitters



35-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

Extreme splitting force for the toughest jobs.

For a higher level of performance, the 35-Ton splitter is loaded with a full range of features. The high-volume pump, heavy-duty beam, large 12" tires, and powerful hydraulic force makes this splitter ready for the toughest jobs.





28-Ton Hydraulic EXtendSplit™ Log Splitter

Extended Work-Zone

Split wood faster and easier with Oregon’s EXtendSplit. Now with 2x larger work area for splitting more wood in less time, this exclusive Oregon design feature gives the operator a larger work area in the horizontal position. The EXtendSplit offers more room giving the operator greater stability and a comfortable splitting experience that can't be found anywhere else.

 28-Ton EXtendSplit™





28-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

Standard Work-Zone 

The Oregon 28-Ton splitter offers most users the necessary maneuverability, power, and reliability to get the job done. The 28-Ton category is the most popular on the market, and this efficiently-sized hydraulic log splitter handles most jobs with ease. The beam is manufactured in the USA with high strength steel; the highest stress areas are reinforced for extreme durability.





22-Ton Hydraulic Log Splitter

Efficient Power

The Oregon 22-Ton splitter offers user power and reliablity to get the job done. The efficient size of the hydraulic log splitter handles most jobs with ease. 





Kinetic Log Splitter





Split wood 6x faster with kinetic power.


Using kinetic energy, the Kinetic Log Splitter consumes less fuel that hydraulic splitters, saving you time and money on fuel and work efficiency.


Save Time and Money

Kinetic splitters consume less fuel than hydraulic splitters because the power requirements on the engine are less.


Clean Operation

No hydraulic fluid, cylinders, pumps, hoses, fittings, or filters eliminates hydraulic leaks and maintenance.


Work Efficiently

The precision wedge splits clean, creating less wood-waste debris.


How it works

Precision balanced, 70-pound flywheels spin at 325 RPMs to create and store kinetic energy. As the flywheels turn, the pinion gear spins on the same shaft. When the control handle moves forward, the rack presses onto the pinion gear. The rack and push plate power forward at high speed, pushing the log through the wedge. This burst of energy adds high speed to the splitting action versus a much slower 20 to 40 ton hydraulic log splitter. As a result, most logs are split in 2 or 3 seconds instead of more than 13 seconds with a hydraulic splitter.






Log Splitter Accessories


Log Splitter Catchers

Log catchers keep work at a consistent height, reducing strain and fatigue on the operator and to help keep the immediate work-space in order. Built of heavy-gauge steel, these attachments are designed to be durable and easily installed.


4-Way Wedge

Make quick work of larger diameter logs with a 4-way splitter. The quick release cotter pin makes change out with the standard wedge effortless.