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Instructional Guides


We want to make sure you can get your job done right, so we have created instructional guides and videos to help guide you through common safety and product maintenance issues. See the list of topics below.



Product Maintenance


Lawn Mower Blade Sharpening How-To

What’s the best way to sharpen your blade? How sharp is too sharp? Get answers to these questions as you learn the right way to sharpen your lawn mower blades.


Square-Ground Filing

Square filing is a technique that most people get wrong at the beginning, since it is a very different process from round filing. It takes time and practice to learn the proper square filing techniques, so get started today by reading this guide.


Filing Angle Recommendations for 19HX Saw Chain

The 19HX chain is optimized for modern high-flow, high-power heads and saw motors for faster cutting speed. Follow these filing angle recommendations to keep your 19HX saw chain sharp.


How-To Tension Chainsaw Chain

Proper chainsaw chain tension is critical for the performance of your chainsaw. Chain tension should be evaluated before beginning work and checked regularly throughout the job. Use this guide to properly tension your chainsaw chain.



Safety and Instructional 


Finding the Right Saw Chain for You

There are several ways to find the right saw chain for your saw. Knowing your make and model of your saw is a good starting point to use our part finder. If you need help identifying this information you can take your saw to a dealer for assistance.


Chainsaw Protective Gear

Wearing the right chain saw protective gear reduces your risk of being injured. Find out about the different types of protective gear that protect six main areas of the body.


How to Sharpen a Chainsaw Chain

It is important to keep your saw chain sharp, since dull chain increases the chainsaw bar launching upward after chain gets caught in the wood. Here's a stey-by-step guide on how to sharpen your saw chain.


Chain Saw Kickback

Kickback is one of the most common causes of chain saw injury. What causes kickback? How can it be prevented? Get the answers to these questions so you can be safer when using your chain saw.


Lawn Mower Safety Tips

Follow these lawn mower safety tips in order to avoid accidents and injuries when you mow the lawn.


Chainsaw Troubleshooting for Oregon CS300

Is your CS300 chain saw not working properly? Follow this troubleshooting guide to get your saw up and running again. 


General Safety Precautions for Use of Chain Saws


Cutting in Cold Weather


Harvester Safety Information and Chain Shot