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40V Oregon Lithium Ion Batteries

Superior construction makes all our batteries rugged and durable.


Premium Cell Technology

Light-weight premium cells combine reliable performance and energy capacity. They can be recharged up to 1000 times.


Constant No-Fade Power 

Maintain constant power through discharge.


Retain a Charge

Retain a charge even after months of storage.


Consistent Capacity

Charge maintenance and full discharge is not necessary to retain consistent capacity throughout the life of the battery (no memory effect).


Battery Models Available

  • B650E 6.0 Ah | 216 Wh 
  • B600E 4.0 Ah | 144 Wh
  • B425E 2.6 Ah | 94 Wh





 Why Use Cordless Tools?

 Less Down Time

  • Fewer repairs than gas


Low Noise

  • Significantly quieter than gas
  • Silent between cuts/trimming
  • Start early and work late

Instant Start

  • No pull cords
  • No warm-up required
  • No gas-oil mixing


Zero Emissions

  • Environmentally friendly
  • No gas fumes


Comfort And Control

  • Instant start
  • Light-weight and balanced
  • Low vibrations



Capacity (Wh) = Voltage X Ah

Batteries are best measured in Watt hours (Wh) which is the combination of Volt and Ah.
For example, our 40V MAX* 4.0 Ah battery provides more capacity (144Wh) than a 56V 2.0 Ah battery (112Wh).





Charge times (in minutes)

Chargers, available, designed for use with all Oregon 40V Max Lithium Ion Batteries*.



   Battery Models

Available Chargers 






CS600 Standard Charger C650
Standard Charger
90 140 240
CS600 Standard Charger C750
Rapid Charger
30 60 90 



*Fully charged battery voltage measured without a workload is 40 volts. Nominal voltage is 36 or 37 depending on battery used.


Warranty and Service



Consumer: 3 years on tools / 2 years on battery   |   Professional: 2 years on tools / 2 years on battery


Blount, Inc. warrants all registered Oregon Cordless Tools and Chargers for a period of three (3) years from the original date of purchase [two (2) years if used for commercial or professional purposes] and two (2) years for all battery packs. During the warranty period, Blount will replace or, at its option, repair free of charge, for the original purchaser only, any product or part manufactured which is found upon examination by Blount to be defective in material and/or workmanship. The purchaser shall be responsible for all transportation charges and any cost of removing any part submitted for replacement under this warranty.