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Oregon Cordless Tool System

Instant Start

  • No pull cords
  • No warm-up required
  • No gas-oil mixing


Zero Emissions

  • Environmentally friendly
  • No gas fumes


Comfort And Control

  • Instant start
  • Light-weight and balanced
  • Low vibrations

 Less Down Time

  • Fewer repairs than gas


Low Noise

  • Significantly quieter than gas
  • Silent between cuts/trimming
  • Start early and work late



Cordless Tools 40 Volt Max 


Chain Saw • Mower • Multi-Attachment System • Blower • Trimmer/Edger • Pole Saw • Hedge Trimmer • Portable Light • Battery Pack and Chargers • Backpack • Tool Bag


Learn more about the Cordless LM400 Lawn Mower



Learn more about the Cordless Shelf Sharpening CS300 Chainsaw





CS300 Chainsaw

The Oregon chainsaw starts instantly and easily cuts through trees and tree limbs. The brushless motor delivers a powerful combination of speed and torque, and our premium 40V MAX* battery ensures zero emissions. Sharpen the chain in seconds with the built-in PowerSharp® system.



LM300 Lawn Mower

The LM300 cuts large grass areas quickly and efficiently. The instant start and 6 adjustable cutting positions allow you to work in every season and on every type of lawn. The brushless motor, battery, and debris bag give you the power and capacity to clear your yard easily and efficiently.



LM400 Lawn Mower

Oregon's new LM400 Lawn Mower possesses the power capacity to cut any residential yard. The LM400’s tough steel deck gives it the muscular look of a gas mower — without emissions and excess noise. The LM400 can run on only one battery, but it has the capacity for two — with the convenience of extended run time. The LM400 has a vertical storage position, so it will take up minimal space in your garage.



Multi-Attachment System

A versatile and powerful system designed for homeowners wanting to save time and money. The Oregon Multi-Attachment System puts you in charge — choose only the attachments you need and build a customized system for you and your yard. The Oregon attachments work seamlessly with the Powerhead, and the brushless motor delivers sustainable power. Within seconds, you can switch from pruning your trees to trimming the grass around your flower bed.



BL300 Hand-Held Blower

Large areas of leaves and debris can be easily cleared away with the Oregon® Cordless Blower. The combination of superior air volume, (up to 507 cfm) and speed (up to 131.5 mph) make this the ultimate debris-clearing machine. The cordless blower’s low decibel rating, ergonomics, and portablity make it an ideal tool for all-day jobs.



ST275-GSL Trimmer/Edger

Cut through tough vegetation and beautify your landscape; the Trimmer/Edger’s patented gear drive technology allow you to do both. Oregon Gator SpeedLoad is revolutionizing the way you reload trimmer line. The Oregon Gator SpeedLoad trimmer head and line system removes the hassle of loading trimmer line. No winding. No spooling. Just pop a disk into your trimmer, and you are good to go.



PS250 Pole Saw

The Oregon Pole Saw gives you precision, power, and a telescoping reach for all trimmming and pruning jobs. The shaft allows up to 14’-15’ of access, while the premium battery pack and mid-mount motor provide you with the longevity and comfort for a long day’s work.



HT250 Hedge Trimmer

The Oregon Hedge Trimmer is light enough for you to tackle tall and wide hedges as well as rows of smaller hedges. The laser-cut blades will cut neat and precise formations while maintaining the health of the plants.



WL275 Portable Light

The Oregon Portable Light keeps work sites illuminated well after the sun sets. Our unique power options give you the flexibility to choose between the included AC power cord or inserting an Oregon PowerNow™ Battery Pack.



PowerNow™ Lithium Ion Battery Packs

The Oregon battery platform provides all the power you need to get the job done. Our PowerNow premium cell technology ensures a long run time. Superior construction makes all our batteries rugged and durable.

*Fully charged battery voltage measured without a workload is 40 volts. Nominal voltage is 36 or 37 depending on battery used.



Battery Chargers

Designed for use with all Oregon Lithium Ion Batteries. 




The Backpack is ideal to carry extra batteries, or use it for your computer/tablet.



Tool Bag

The Tool Bag is designed to protect, carry, and store an Oregon Chainsaw or Blower with accessories.