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  28-Ton Oregon Log Splitter
The 28-ton log splitter provides commercial grade force that allows for splitting logs up to 24" in length. This unit comes equipped with either a 277cc Kohler or 270cc Honda engine.More Info: Brochure | Video | Manual | Parts List
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28 tons of splitting force
4.5" x 24" cylinder
Auto-return valve; 2-stage 16 GPM pump
Integrated log cradle keeps logs in place for hands-free splitting
7.5 gallon hydraulic tank; Hydraulic fluids included
4.8" x 12" wheels
Boxed tongue with handle; ground stand; utility jack
Ergonomic valve position
8" wedge
Cylinder connection
Stripper plates; solid steel foot piece ; beam lock
Engine: equipped with the Kohler CH395 277cc or the Honda GX270 270cc
Operation: Horizontal and vertical
Engine: Kohler, Honda
Cylinder: 4.5" x 24"
Wedge: 8" ; Log Capacity 24"
11.5 second cycle time
Weight: 680 lbs.
28-ton log splitter
3 Years: All steel components

2 Years: Engine (as rated by manufacturer)

1 Year: All hydraulic components

Servicing dealers are available across North America. For information, please call
1-800-525-8322 or email

28-Ton Oregon Log Splitter
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