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  OREGON® Log Splitters

OREGON® now offers a full range of log splitters in the most popular tonnages, from 6 ton to 28 ton. OREGON® splitters have the force to handle the vast majority of logs. The higher capacity models are equipped with either a Kohler or Honda gas engine; it's your choice.

For those with less demanding needs, the 6-ton electric log splitter is an economical choice that splits logs up to 26" in diameter.

Log Splitter Products:
» 6-Ton Electric Log Splitter
» 22-Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter
» 28-Ton Gas Powered Log Splitter
» Log Splitter Accessory: Log Catcher
» Log Splitter Accessory: 4-Way Wedge

Log Splitters from OREGON
6-Ton Log Splitter 22-Ton Log Splitter 28-ton Log Splitter