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OREGON® manufactures replacement lawn mower blades that are equal or better than original equipment manufacturers' blades. Our premium blades feature Gator Mulcher® 3-in-1 with Fusion® technology. Gator Mulcher® 3-in-1 patented design makes bagging easier, cuts finer mulch and aids in better discharge. The Fusion® cutting edge is an exclusive electrofusion process that welds tungsten carbide into the blade, reduces the frequency of blade sharpening and lengthens blade life. Blades are available to fit many popular applications.
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Gator Mulcher® 3-in-1 creates superior mulching and discharge providing less bagging, less clumping and less raking.
feature Unique "gator teeth" design redirects flow of air under the deck allowing grass clippings to be cut multiple times
Fusion® lawn mower blades stay sharper twice as long and hold a clean cutting edge longer
feature Fusion® blades sharpen as easily as standard blades
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