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Only One® is a two-cycle engine oil that’s environmentally friendly and easy to use. Only One® is a “universal mix” product, meaning no more confusing gas-to-oil mixtures. Just follow the “gallons mixed” information on each package.
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Replaces all mix ratios
Reduces particulate emissions and oil consumption
Made with the preferred additive for EPA-mandated alcohol tests
Universal mix of one 1.8 oz. pouch to 1 gallon of gasoline or one 12 oz. mix bottle to 10 gallons of gasoline
Comes in box of 1.8 oz. pouches or box of 12 oz. bottles;
Complies fully with California's Proposition 65 guidelines
Only One Oil
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Look for the Gold-Colored ID LINK that shows the exact-fit replacement saw chain part number to reference next time you buy saw chain.

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