OSCG E-Parts Catalog

At the part number level, every part has a red "Add to pick list" text link that adds parts to the application's "pick list." Below is an example of where the "Add to pick list" button is, and what it looks like:
Pick List location

After adding one or morel items to your "Pick List," you may want to review the parts in your pick list and change quantities or delete line items.

On the far right of the top navigation bar you will find the "Pick List" tab.
Click on the "Pick List" tab to view parts that you have added to your Pick List.

1)Click "Pick List" to view parts that you have added to your pick list.

2) You can change part quantities by changing the "Quantity" value. Or, you can
delete parts from the Pick List by clicking on the "x-like" delete icon.

3) Click "Print" to print-out your Pick List. Click "Clear" to erase all Pick List items. Click
"Transfer Pick List to BMS" only if you are an authorized Oregon® Dealer and have a
business management system compatible with EMPARTweb™.

Pick List Details

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